7 Top Tips to Stay Fit This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time for many people to see friends and family, indulge in some festive eating and relax and celebrate the season. It can also be a challenging time to keep up a fitness plan. Not to worry, here are some tips to help you celebrate and stay fit this holiday season.

Tip #1 – Drink Lots of Water

According to the North York physiotherapy clinic, hydration is your friend. Not only does water help keep your skin looking great and your muscles from feeling achy, but it can also help you regulate your appetite. You may find that you feel more hungry when you are dehydrated – so keep a glass of water or a refillable bottle close by at all times. Remember, the average adult needs 8 cups of water a day to stay hydrated (and no, egg nog does not count as water).

Tip #2 – Take a Break, Take a Walk

For some people, the holidays can be emotionally overwhelming. It is important to know your limits and take care of your mental health. When you start to feel like things are a bit too much, take a break and go for a walk outside. The fresh air will do your mental health and your body some good and you can come back feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Tip #3 – Stick To A Routine

Though your schedule might be thrown off by late-night holiday parties, travel and other events, try to stick to a routine as much as possible. If you are out late one night, try to get to bed at your regular time the next night. If you usually exercise three times a week, stick to this schedule. Even keeping your regular skincare routine from Clarity Medspa in Toronto can help you reconnect with yourself.

Keeping to a routine can help you gain some feeling of control when things are turned around and will keep you from going completely off the rails.

Tip #4 – Exercise in the Morning

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If you are away from home, or your schedule is filled with holiday plans that keep you busy day and night, try to sneak in some exercise first thing in the morning. You’ll feel better, your body will thank you and you can enjoy those holiday treats guilt-free knowing you’ve got your exercise in for the day.

Tip #5 – Use Your Travel Time Wisely – Exercise!

Often there is a lot of waiting time when you are travelling. Take advantage of the time and use it to fit in some exercise.

  • Airports – If you are taking a flight, use the time waiting for your flight call to take a quick walk around the terminal (just keep an eye on the time so you don’t miss your flight!)
  • Hotel – The guide to better posture is to do some yoga or stretching on your hotel room floor – or take advantage of the pool if there’s one around.
  • If you are driving take advantage of a rest stop and take a quick walk around the service centre – it will help stretch your legs and get fresh blood to your heart.

Tip #6 – Get Your Family and Friends Involved

Why not turn an event into an opportunity to be active? Instead of gathering around a table, suggest meeting your friends for a skating event and then go for a hot toddy afterwards. An active social event (with social distancing) gives you the opportunity to fit in some exercise, see your friends and have some fun.

Invite your family and their kids to a nearby toboggan hill, or even a snowy park can be a great place to run around and get some exercise. Kids love to be pulled on their sleds, and this can also double as a cardio workout!

Tip #7 – Avoid Eating Late At Night

Although Aunt Edna’s midnight holiday buffet might look tempting, it can be deadly for your metabolism. Your metabolism slows down when you sleep which is the reason for gout, know about it. If you eat right before bed it can mean an upset stomach, difficulty falling asleep and weight gain. Give yourself two hours without eating before bed.

All these fitness tips lead to one single reason — you have to stay active and healthy especially during this time of pandemic. Take care of yourself as well as your family and remember to always socialize with social distancing in mind.

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