A Quick Guide to Fishing for The Beginner

Fishing is a classic hobby that has truly stood the test of time, proving to be just as relaxing as it is rewarding. However, if you’ve never been fishing before, or you’re getting ready for your first solo trip, it can be challenging trying to gather up all the essentials and plan accordingly. Here’s our quick guide to fishing as a beginner.

What to Bring

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure you have everything you need. The right gear and supplies are going to make all the difference, and you don’t want to get out there on the water only to find that you left behind something essential.

Additionally, decide on what type of fishing you have an interest in. For instance, you can do fishing from a river or sea deck or by paddleboard. If you are at a location like Costa Rica, you can also explore options such as Costa Rica fishing charters for off-shore and sport fishing.

However, before everything, you may have to acquire a fishing license, if required in that location. Can’t do much without that! You’ll also want to bring a cooler to store the fish you catch, a tackle box, and of course your fishing rod!

Check out this ultimate fishing trip checklist for an easy list of anything you could possibly need for your fishing trip.

When to Start the Day

We recommend fishing in the mid to late morning. The sun warms the water, making for a comfortable environment for the fish. They’re more likely to come to the surface during this time.

However, you’ll want to be settled and ready by the time the water starts warming up, so getting an early start is going to be essential. Leaving while it’s still dark out and getting all of your gear ready is going to make a big difference in how successful your day is.

Fishing Etiquette

Be mindful and courteous of those around you. Don’t encroach on anyone’s space. A good rule of thumb is to maintain a distance of at least 50 to 60 feet between you and other boats. Don’t go overboard on how many fish you keep. Be courteous and leave enough opportunity for other fishermen to come and enjoy the thrill of fishing.

You will also want to adhere to the “leave no trace” mindset. Look up the guidelines and rules for the area you’re fishing in so that you can be mindful of what the expectations are.

Keep in mind that fishing is something that people can enjoy only when everyone makes it a priority to be polite and follow the rules. Do your part to keep it an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Casting and Catching

If you’ve never done it before, casting your line and catching a fish can feel overwhelming. First, you’ll want to be sure to keep the reel below your dominant hand. Flip the bail on your spinning reel as you hold the line with your finger and bring the rod tip up behind you. Cast the rod into the water, and then flip the bail back. Now you’re ready to start reeling!

Once you see that a fish is biting, immediately point your rod tip up and start pulling it back. This sets the hook through the fish’s mouth. Now it’s time to reel in your catch! Be sure to have a net ready to transfer the fish to your cooler.

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