About Me

Traveling is an art form that has been mastered by a few people in this world. Although traveling has become a fad these days, thanks to Instagram, many of us don’t know what real traveling feels like. We have forgotten how it feels to go to new places, make new friends, and understand a whole new culture.

Even if you are traveling from New York to Alabama, you can experience a little bit of a cultural shock that most people tend to avoid. Time and again, we see posts on our explore page filled with various destinations that have been over-filtered to look good.  Majority of us visit new places to gain likes on social media, and this madness cannot be called traveling.

Genuine travelers move from one place to another in search of their motive in life and to find peace while enjoying the very best of mother earth. However, I am not here to discourage you from exploring new places as my personal opinions should not hold you back from visiting a new destination. I have and will always try to promote travel among the new generation. They should know what impact it can have on their personalities and thoughts forever.

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Talking about myself, I was never a travel freak in my early days.  I was more into games and was regarded as a nerd in my school. Furthermore, my love for an easy and comfortable life didn’t allow me to move out and see the world in its true glory. But things changed when I met Dan, who was my new neighbor and also a game enthusiast. Apart from being my only gaming companion in the entire locality, he was also interested in traveling the whole world. Primarily, he wanted to become an accomplished traveler who was something I could not relate with.

However, there came a time when Dan wanted someone trustworthy in his journey to the Rocky Mountains. He convinced me to pack my bags and join him. If I did, I would get my hands on his new games. I accepted the proposal without realizing that those big bad mountains had something in store for me. My best moments came while gazing nature’s exceptional charm and experiencing the peace of staying away from video games. The realization was enough for me to take traveling more seriously.

When Dan came to my house with two latest games, I refused the present for I wanted to join him on his new journeys. He was more than happy to welcome me on his trips, where I learned to respect the real world. Although, we were short of money yet we never hesitated in traveling to places we wanted to as the excitement and craze for traveling were going overboard.

With time, I took on solo trips to various destinations within our country. It brought me great joy and also numerous self-realizations. I met a lot of amazing people who taught me the values of solo traveling and also helped me every now and then.  However, I was looking forward to traveling abroad and experience human and cultural diversity. I was specifically interested in visiting India as the nation is nothing less than a wonderland.

I can’t forget my first trip to India because it completely changed my views and thoughts about the world and life in general. After exploring the 1/3 of total America and Asia, I needed some time off to write about my journey and the wisdom I gained while travelling alone.

This website is the brainchild of my wife, who is a seasoned traveler herself. We agreed to develop a platform that not only inspires people to travel but also provides authentic information which can ease their journey. 

We do not talk about phony topics; those are not hard to find on the internet. My wife and I are committed to cater to issues which are not targeted by the average travel website.

I personally believe that I’ve been lucky enough to find a partner who guides and supports me to manage my travel and website together. It’s my honor to write about things that have made my life more beautiful, and I won’t stop sharing my stories and exclusive trivia over important subjects.

I have also written many articles based on the issues I get to know from my readers.  You are welcome to share your suggestions about the website. In case of an issue with your travel, I can provide specific help via direct messaging too.

Stay safe. Enjoy your journey!