As a result of its strategic location, which perhaps has it located at one of the points where Eastern Europe meets the West, Montenegro is about as easy to get to as any other major tourist destination in the world. However, it’s still establishing itself as far as its popularity as a tourist destination. But, there are many bargain flights available to that part of the world.

Make no mistake about it though – as much as flights into the Balkan country might be eye-poppingly cheap, the country itself doesn’t feature anywhere near many of the cheapest in the world. Even as a backpacker you couldn’t really say that you managed to visit and enjoy the country on a dirt-cheap budget. You have to spend a little, but many of the services on offer are priced pretty competitively and they offer full value for the money you pay.

Although it’s definitely a very organised country, both in terms of the everyday lives of the locals and as a tourist destination, it always helps to plan and book ahead. You’ll just be better off that way. You won’t be short on options, don’t get me wrong, but taking into account an example such as that of organising an airport taxi transfer, it’s a lot better to finalise your transfer booking before you arrive than to find yourself having to look for a taxi once you’re already there.

Some of the leading service providers, like Podgorica based TAXI MONTENEGRO, make this pre-planning and finalisation easier by offering an online booking service.

There are different types of taxis available too. Naturally it becomes even more of a cost-effective exercise if you’re booking for more than just one person. In that case you can book different types of vans or even a bus, but it also depends on what class of traveller you are, i.e. do you just want to get to your destination in the quickest and most convenient way, or do you really just want to travel alone (personalised service)?

Now, taking into account the booking of a taxi Podgorica to Budva is a very popular route, which will have visitors happy to learn that it’s probably the cheapest route as well, due to its huge popularity.

This is not by sheer chance. Ask any traveller who is heading to Montenegro where exactly it is they’re heading and they’ll likely tell you that their base will be Budva. Sure, some backpacker-class travellers might speak of some different locations to rival Budva, but this is the mecca of Montenegrin tourism. This is in large part due to the sheer number of beaches in the area, around which a huge chunk of all holiday activity would naturally develop.

This area makes for a great base for those travellers who have come in just to relax, along with those who seek to immerse themselves in some holiday destination activities, most of which have a unique twist to them. Apart from that, Budva is blessed with more than its fair share of historic monuments, so a fair bit of culture awaits the type of traveller who’s expressly into that sort of thing.

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