Best Jobs That Allow You to Travel the World

Some people have an intense urge to see the world, experience different cultures, and confront the unknown. “Wanderlust” is a term often used to describe this strong urge – a word derived from the German words wandern (to hike) and lust (desire).

Some people like the stability of regular work hours and may even enjoy heading to the same office every day. But for those with wanderlust, they are likely planning their next trip while sitting in their cubicle.

Luckily, there are many types of jobs that require travel where you can satisfy your adventurous side while also earning a steady income. Digital nomads, for instance, can work anywhere in the world if they have their computer and an internet connection. There are also more professional jobs, such as working as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, where you can enjoy an exciting career.

Here are four types of jobs that will allow you to travel the world:

1. Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is an excellent way of sharing your passion for travel with other like-minded people. There are tour guide jobs available all over the world, and they’re obviously most plentiful in cities that attract large numbers of tourists.

The great thing about tour guide jobs is you can likely land one without much experience – all you need is great communication skills and knowledge of the area. After settling down into a new foreign city, check out the sights and tourist spots and consider applying for a tour guide position.

Many tour guides work as freelancers for smaller, more local companies. But there are larger tourism companies in parts of the world that hire tour guides for their extensive travel programs. These positions are harder to secure and require more work and experience, but they can be very rewarding.

2. U.S. Foreign Service Officer

Working as a U.S. Foreign Service officer is an intriguing job that, by its very definition, requires a lot of travel. If you’re patriotic, interested in foreign policy, and don’t mind occasionally dangerous situations, this job could be for you.

A job in the U.S. Foreign Service means you’ll be required to serve in one of the more than 270 U.S. embassies, consulates, or other diplomatic missions located on nearly every continent in the world. Foreign service agents work as consular officers, public diplomacy experts, or in other specialty areas and usually serve at postings for one to three years.

Sure, the job requires travel and it sounds glamorous – but not everyone is cut out for foreign service work. The U.S. Department of State says working as a Foreign Service Officer can be challenging and sometimes dangerous. You may have to serve in countries where health and sanitation are well below U.S. standards. Plus, you’ll be expected to maintain composure in very stressful situations – maybe even an environmental catastrophe or military coup!

3. Digital Nomad

If you’re bold enough, why not become a “digital nomad”? Digital nomads are a creation of the Internet Age – they’re business-savvy and adventurous people who earn a living from their computer. These nomads are independent of location – as long as they have an internet connection, they can make money and travel to wherever they please. The same can be said for those who choose to invest in things such as cryptocurrency in order to have a second stream of income. This way, a person can be steadily building up some money on the side, so long as they follow a savvy investment strategy. Check out Bitcoin Superstar Libra in order to get yourself familiarized with the basics of cryptocurrency investment.

It may sound unconventional but some people see the digital nomad lifestyle as the future of work. No longer tied down to location or set hours, a nomad can get his or her job done whenever or wherever they want. There are many ways of making it as a nomad, including creating an online business, working a “regular” job as a telecommuter, or working as a freelance writer or photographer.

4. Cruise Ship Worker

Want to see tons of new countries each week? Then working on a cruise ship may be for you. Cruise ship jobs will let you travel the world on the high seas, interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds – all while earning a salary and enjoying free room and board. However, finding a job in this sector isn’t that easy. Preparing resumes for the hospitality industry job need careful crafting. Fortunately, there are companies like Resume Pilots that offer professional resume writing services to aid you.

Since cruise ships offer multiple services to guests, there are all types of work available – everything from entertainment director to casino dealer to cook. Working on a cruise ship requires long hours, but you usually get free time to explore the different cities on the ship’s route.

Working on a cruise ship is ideal for adventurous people. Several former cruise ship employees told Refinery29 that some of the incredible experiences they had in the industry included scuba diving in the Caribbean, going on tours with ship photographers, and going on a dog sled.

Whether you decide to try the rigors of working as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, or the challenge of being a digital nomad, there is no shortage of jobs that will pay you a decent salary and allow you to see the world.

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