Best traveling destinations for 2021

Pandemic is still part of our everyday life. However, this doesn’t mean there are no ways to explore the world in all its splendor. Check each country requirements for entering and jump aboard as we are about to take a trip around the planet in a bid to bring you the best travel destinations you should consider to see:

1) Grenada, the Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean islands are the perfect definition of fairytale holidays with the archipelago raided every year by picture happy tourists attracted to scintillating clear waters and lovely pirate beaches. Often overlooked, Grenada has just as much to offer as its counterparts, perhaps going one better with its less crowded borders ensuring plenty of natural pleasure to share with few others.

2) Antarctica

Icy, chilling and deadly cold, Antarctica is one that rarely comes up when questions surface about the best holiday location yet it is no slouch in that department. This is why a lot of people nowadays prefer to opt for vacationing in Antarctica to get their fill of the white desert and the spectacular scenarios of the south pole continent. People like them tend to search for holiday packages at Polar Holidays or similar holiday agencies that can provide Antarctica travel bundles. Antarctica, in particular, serves up a nice delight of heavenly grounds which probably have more cuddly penguins than people but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

3) Hong Kong, China

Most vacation hotspots are coveted for their unspoiled shores and untouched vegetation and while Hong Kong has a little bit of that as well, the “Pearl of the Orient” is best known for its modern flair. The skies are taken over by a towering display of ritzy skyscrapers while the grounds are claimed by opulent shopping centers, bars, and restaurants that all merge to afford a decadent oasis of present-age delight that is without equal.

4) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Magical Croatia is a holiday destination straight out of your dreams. Idyllic islands and instagrammable beaches live side by side with rustic Roman buildings, monasteries, and churches from medieval times still very much alive across nostalgic cityscapes. If you ever plan to settle down in the Balkans, Dubrovnik is a fortified city that should deservedly be on your shortlist of properties you should consider. Its beautiful architecture is matched only by a magnificent coastline making for a residence at the heart of paradise.

5) Maasai Mara, Kenya

Kenya’s Maasai Mara carries the African flag so high, providing large chunks of untamed grasslands and exclusive wild animals that the continent has come to be well known for. Home to one of the new-age wonders of the world, the national park witnesses a peculiar phenomenon where close to 2 million wildebeests thunder across plains in search of greener pastures whilst dodging predators- like lions and crocodiles- along the way.

6) Pantanal, Brazil

When you think of Brazil, the wonders of the Amazon straight away come to mind but Pantanal is just in every bit as enticing with its numerous assembly of insects and forest dwellers being just as amazing. It holds the title of the largest wetland in the world and as such is imbued with upwards of a thousand species encompassing mohawked tapirs, flamingo-esque spoonbills, lurking jaguars and many more.

And that’s it for our list of the best destinations that should be on your travelling bucket list.

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