Countries were the casino industry is on the rise

It is tempting to think that, judging by the gargantuan size of the global casino industry, each and every country has long had their own casino market, however this just isn’t the case. In fact, there are more countries out there who have very small or primordial gambling industries than ones with fully-fledged casino markets. This article about the history of the gambling industry in Japan, for example, shows that even today, in this country that is seen by so many as ahead of its time, only three cities have legal gambling licenses and are able to operate venues. In the vast majority of cases this is down to government regulations rather than a lack of interest in gambling, and as soon as these are lifted many countries experience a gambling industry boom.

Now, as fun as gambling at Dream Jackpot is, quite a lot of countries are wary of a gambling “boom” so to speak because of the negative connotations that comes with it such as addiction. However, there is also a tremendous amount of money to be made from it that, not to mention a whole load of fun. There is no surprise, therefore, that the casino industry is on the rise in various countries across the world in the 21st century, let’s take a look at the most notable.


With the amount of gambling games out there like Irish themed online slots did you really think that Ireland wouldn’t have a particularly intense passion for gambling? Online casinos have experienced somewhat of a boom in recent years, causing the rapid expansion of the industry into what it is today, and not just in Ireland – check out Business Case Studies to learn more about this global trend. This island nation absolutely loves to gamble, with the annual spend from its residence being around 2 billion – pretty good going for a population of only 5 million!

Funnily enough the gambling laws in Ireland are actually incredibly strict, however the legislation is rather dated, and therefore doesn’t really cover things like online gambling. Irish residents are free to gamble to their hearts content online, and this has resulted in the country having a burgeoning casino industry that is certainly on the rise.


The Scandinavian countries are often emblematic of incredibly responsible attitudes, however Finland might be an exception to that rule, because until fairly recently the legal gambling age was only 15! This country absolutely loves to gamble, the main reason why the online casino industry has really started to take off here in recent years. It really is a competition here choosing between parhaat nettikasinot (the best online casinos) – as there are so many to choose from.

Some gambling analysts claim that some 40% of Finland’s entire population gamble quite regularly, so there is no wonder that the online casino market here has ballooned in size. And anyway, Scandinavia has a rich history when it comes to online gambling, with massive companies such as NetEnt and Yggdrasil hailing from the region.


If there is one country that seemingly loves slots and online slots more than any other – even the US – it is Australia. These games are lovingly referred to as “pokies” here, and they can be found across several Australian online casino sites, as well as in various bars and pubs across the huge island nation.

Like in many other countries, it was the emergence of online casino that properly kick started Australia’s remarkable gambling market growth. These days residents in the country are spending tens of thousands of dollars on the practise, a key reason why Australia’s gambling industry is on the rise.

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