Destination weddings with a difference!

A wedding, with all its emotional significance, drama, glitz, and glamor, is a special occasion in every sense of the word. The benefit of having a destination wedding away from home is that you are more likely to enjoy a much more intimate wedding ceremony. In addition, you can basically enjoy a wedding and honeymoon at the same time. In spite of that, planning such an event can be a challenging task.

You have to prepare the guest list, hire the transportation services, and most importantly the venue of your wedding. It is imperative to choose a destination (like the Wedding venues in Denver) that is safe and equipped with all the resources you might require. That said, here are some incredible and different wedding destinations that will make your wedding the unique and memorable event that you’ve always dreamed of.

Next to a volcano in Hawaii

What can more symbolically affirm the burning passion of a couple deeply in love than a wedding next to a volcano?! At Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, you can say your vows to each other while Kilauea Caldera splashes fiery plumes of lava against the sky.

The island also offers stunning scenery, superb cuisine, waterfalls, beaches, swimming, snorkeling, and beautiful botanical gardens – everything to make your honeymoon just as memorable as your wedding.

Safari wedding in South Africa

Can anything be more romantic and unforgettable than a once-in-a-lifetime wedding safari in the wilderness of the South African bush?

The honeymoon suite you’ll stay in will offer you the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Private candlelit dinners, sundowners against the fiery backdrop of an African sunset, game drives, and being pampered in a bush spa will add magic to this most special time of your life.

A luxury safari wedding for Americans in the South African bush will put the ultimate seal on your love, commitment to each other, and life-long happiness.

Mountain wedding in Switzerland

Switzerland offers the perfect setting for your dream wedding. You can choose a winter wedding in the snow, or a summer wedding set against the breathtaking mountain scenery.

Venues range from romantic hotels, mountain huts in the snow, castles on a lakeshore, or a wine estate. Just take your pick for the most glorious wedding you could wish for.

Underwater wedding at Ruins Lagoon

Exchanging wedding vows underwater? What could be more unique and noteworthy? An underwater wedding in the Ruins Lagoon at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas offers you this completely different wedding option.

The venue is imaginatively decorated to look like the Lost City of Atlantis, which means that you can capture the best pictures here with the help of a skilled photographer (who can be found at Wedmatch). That said, the wedding will be officiated over by a certified diver who is authorized to perform the wedding ceremony.

There’s even a viewing room for your guests so they won’t have to get wet! The wedding ceremony is followed by an hour of underwater videos and photography to capture this unique experience forever.

Kew Gardens, London

A wedding ceremony performed in the Nash Conservatory, one of Kew’s 19th-century glasshouses, is stunningly beautiful. Set amidst the enchanting and world-famous gardens, a more perfect location for your special day would almost be impossible to find. Imagine that you are standing inside the glasshouse surrounded by greenery, beneath the bright ceiling, wearing the perfect tweed suit custom-tailored to your liking, and waiting for your bride to arrive through the red carpet. Won’t that be a sight worth remembering for the rest of your life?

The best part is that the classic ceremony could be followed by an elegant drinking reception, which in turn would be followed by a buggy ride to some of Kew’s most beautiful spots for photographs. The occasion would end with a superb dinner dance in Temperate House, the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse, amidst 10,000 plants. Only one word comes close to doing the occasion justice – magical!

Private island wedding – British Virgin Islands

How about a wedding on your own private Caribbean island paradise? Yes, please! In this case, we’re talking about Peter Island in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

Wedding packages include options like chartering a private yacht, meals, and all drinks you and your guests would like for five nights. This includes plentiful cocktails on the beach!

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable couple’s massage before or after your wedding. For the ceremony, you have a choice of one of the five beautiful beaches. All the arrangements are taken care of by the Peter Island wedding planning team, while you and your beloved just enjoy the momentous occasion to the full.

Authentic Fijian wedding – Fiji

With over 300 islands to choose from, the island paradise of Fiji is the dream wedding destination brought to life, and you are spoilt for choice. Why not have your reception in a grove of palm trees next to a lagoon with a vibrant coral reef?

There are incredible golf courses and world-class surfing for your guests to enjoy. You can spend a terrific day island-hopping by charter boat to discover hidden waterfalls, beaches, and lagoons.

Your authentic Fijian wedding will follow a time-honored format. You and your partner will be escorted by imposing warriors in the traditional warrior dress of grass skirts, anklets, and armbands, and with their faces dramatically painted black.

You will be dressed in traditional Fijian wedding outfits, unless you prefer a white wedding dress and tux format. Flower girls will sprinkle the aisle with flowers as you walk up to the altar while a choir sings a traditional wedding song to start your nuptials. Powerful, extraordinary and completely unforgettable!

Your wedding day should be special in every sense of the word. Having found the love of your life and choosing that wonderfully different wedding destination will ensure that your wedding is a day to treasure forever.

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