Destinations That Will Change Your Outlook Towards Pakistan

Pakistan is nothing like any other country you will ever explore.  The land is full of surprises that range from mesmerizing terrains to mindboggling archaeological sites, and this unpredictable beauty cannot be cherished without setting foot on the alluring land.

But to make an itinerary for Pakistan, you should know about its most celebrated destinations. Let’s learn about some of them below.


North of Pakistan is a safe haven for every nature lover. To start with, you must explore Gilgit-Baltistan where the difference between raw beauty and manmade wonders collide. There are a number of mountain peaks ranging above the 20,000 feet mark with popular summits like Nanga Parbat and K-2.

Polo enthusiasts will have the chance to play on the highest polo ground in the world while peace-seeking people will encounter tranquillity in the Attabad Lake in Hunza.  For summers, you can visit the treeless Deosai National Park, and in winters you can enjoy skiing in the Naltar Ski Resort.

Makran Coast

Although Pakistan does not boast dream holiday beach resorts yet it is proud to have an unspoiled coastline and beaches. Located in the province of Balochistan, the breathtaking landscape is termed as an enchanting miracle amidst barren mountains and rugged terrains.

The 1,000 km coastline serves untouched beaches which can be accessed from the Makran Coastal Highway. To experience the scenic views, you should start from Karachi at dawn time. There, you can visit beaches like Ormara Beach, Kund Malir Beach, Pasni Beach, Gwadar Beach, among many others.

Azad Kashmir

While moving away from Gilgit-Baltistan, you should not miss the adjusting Azad Kashmir. Reach the capital city Muzaffarabad to climb a 2,900 meters peak that will lead up to Pir Chinasi for enjoying a panoramic view of the city.

There are numerous destinations that offer serene water and lush green forests like Jhelum Valley, Neelum Valley, Leepa Valley, and Sharda Valley. Apart from these natural wonders, you will gaze at the many lakes situated in the region like Ratti Gali, Shounter Lake, and Chitta Lake.

You can head towards Rawalakot to witness the awe-inspiring Banjosa Lake and Nergola Waterfall.  Before packing for this area, you must get a NOC from the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs in Islamabad.  The whole process can run for a week, so plan accordingly.


Lahore is the essence of Pakistani heritage, culture, and daily lifestyle. Not only it portrays the glories of the Mughal Empire but also innumerates the modernity of today’s world. Famous for its parks, gardens, mosques, and forts the city is a nothing less than a gem for any history lover. 

Among the more popular attractions, you can visit Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens, Minar-e-Pakistan, Liberty Market, etc. The mosques of Lahore will tell you a lot of about Pakistani culture and tradition whereas the restaurants on the Food Street and M M Alam Road will take care of your appetite.

Cities like Islamabad and Karachi are well set to welcome you on high grounds all year round. The country should be explored by everyone at least once in their lifetime.

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