Explore the Middle East and a Bit of North Africa

Turkey showcases everything from Roman Ruins to Natural Hot Springs, and it is no surprise that tourists from all over the world keep flocking to Turkey — it is not only the #1 Middle Eastern Tourist Destination, it is also #6 worldwide. Historic Istanbul is an extremely popular tourist destination, not just because of its internationally renowned Souks, but because of the architecture of its famed mosques.

Turkey is a magic name, it is steeped with the beauty of arts and architecture.

Modern Istanbul remains one of the world’s finest cities, the towering minarets of the grand mosques Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet protruding from the skyline over the enchanting labyrinth of souks, the calm waters of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus beneath. There is the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia, among other grand cultural landmarks, but today’s Istanbul is also a cosmopolitan city, mixing tradition and modern refinement. Being one of the most important places to visit for Christians, Muslims, and Jews, Jerusalem is a city that has seamlessly blended tradition and history with 21st-century urbanity, meaning that you can spend days walking through the old town and historic sites in the Old City, while also enjoying an endless amount of nightlife, dining options, and the modernity of Jerusalem’s New District. Dubai, as well as Tel Aviv, which has been called the cool capital of the Mediterranean, are the cities to see in the Middle East.

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With its magnificent architecture, cuisine, crafts, and stunning landmarks, Beirut is proudly standing tall amongst the trendiest cities in the Middle East, located on the Mediterranean. In a list of tourist attractions of The Middle East, Beirut always finds a spot, because this capital city of Lebanon is culturally diverse and draws many tourists each year. Lebanon is one of the places that you are sure to love spending your time with, Lebanon’s beautiful coastline, and its awesome city of Beirut.

Cairo The capital city of Egypt is visited by thousands of tourists each year, thanks to its magnificent architecture, bustling markets, coffee shops, restaurants, and nightlife; Cairo, located along the banks of Nile river, is certainly one of the most sought-after destinations in the North Africa. You can tour Cairo with ease using cheapest plane tickets in Cairo and immerse yourself into endless treasures of best places to visit in Egypt, besides the Pyramids at Giza.

Dynamic, affordable, and one of the safest cities in the Middle East (and in the world, for that matter), the gorgeous city of Petra is a great destination for solo women travelers or for first-time visitors in the Middle East.

Outside of Rome, the Baalbek Ruins in Baalbek are some of the most spectacular, not just due to the size and great preservation, but because it is very likely you will get to experience the Ruins all by yourself, since, this is where we are talking about Lebanon, one of the more off-the-beaten-track destinations in the region, and you will get to experience great Roman Ruins as nowhere else, and thus, one of the best places to travel to the Middle East.

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