It’s Time to Travel in India the Correct Way

India is a great nation, and there are plentiful reasons to visit the country again and again. However, you must be careful on your trip, for the beautiful country has some hidden evils too. Here is the list of the essential points one must know to explore India without any dilemma.

Keep things under control

India is one of the diverse countries in the world. You can experience numerous destinations between the great Himalayas in the North, the southern coastline, the coastal and hilly regions of the East and the deserts of the West.

You are bound to fall for many places in this country which cannot be explored in a single trip. Take it slow and prepare an itinerary to visit a few places at a time. Preparing a schedule becomes more important as you will encounter mesmerizing destinations every now and then.

Keep things under control by moving according to a plan and visiting pre-mentioned destinations only.

Beware of the weather

Take it as a rule of thumb- you will encounter contrasting weather conditions throughout the country. Therefore, due to its diverse geographical assortment, you should pack a personal weather meter (you can learn more here about the tool and its usefulness) along with a variety of clothes to survive in India.

On the positive side, you will always have a place to go, which will not be experiencing extreme weather conditions. In summers, you can go to Ladakh, Shimla, Mussorie, Nainital, etc., while in winters Rajasthan and Kerala would be your perfect host.

Wherever you go, be sure about the atmospheric conditions, or your journey will be stuck in a mess. Some weather meters can be less than accurate, especially in places where the weather is prone to shifting constantly. So, make sure you read all the weather station reviews you can find, and then decide on which one works best for your journey across India.

Take care of your health

Although India is a progressive country yet, you must be keen on taking good care of your health. Majority of people visiting from the western side of the world will not be able to cope with India’s tangy and spicy food. Again, you should only look to drink from sealed water bottles as tap water conditions are unsafe there. Streets in the major cities are full of pollution. Thus wearing a scarf would be a good idea too.

Make sure that you carry medicines along for headache, diarrhea, and other common ailments. We advise you to take the necessary vaccinations a few weeks before visiting the country. Nonetheless, do not stress over medications as the nation has a fairly developed medical sector.

Beware of fraudsters

All over the world, scammers and fraudsters are ardent over casting travelers. Cases of cheat have been rising in the sub-continent, and India has become a bit risky for travelers. We advise you to book your tickets only through companies which have been recognized by the Ministry of Tourism or Government of India.

Plus, be sure about the places you are going to and the locals you are dealing with. Think yourself, why wouldn’t anybody leave a chance of making money at your expense?


There are a few other aspects of traveling in India, but you will learn them on your visit. Keep your ear and eyes open to dig into the real India. All in all, a traveler can never complete their journey without a trip to this magical nation.

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