Gambling Tourism in Minsk: Junket Tours

The word “Junket” does not have the slightest hint of a casino or gambling in general. This is the name of the famous pudding in Europe, which is a mixture of a sweet air mass with cream and nuts. How is dessert connected with casino tours to Minsk and why are the latter increasingly popular? And what are the best places to visit?

What you need to know about junket tours

Junket tours have nothing to do with gastronomic travel, but this is only at first glance. In Europe, and then in the CIS, the word “Junket” has become a symbol of pleasure trips with a plentiful portion of vivid, memorable entertainment.

Today, junket tours in Minsk and other large cities imply shareware trips where casino establishments play the role of host. Please note that travel agencies also offer gaming tours, but such service will cost more than directly in the selected casino.

Gambling tourism in Minsk: Junket tours

It is the casino that provides guests with accommodation in selected level hotels, a guide, a personal relaxation program in a particular city. It is the casino that organizes flights and transfers, while helping to resolve visa issues. The only condition is to play. Play in the selected casino on the terms proposed by them.

All that is required from the honorable guest is to choose the best casino in Minsk and discuss the trip conditions. First of all, they relate to the minimum deposit. By deposit is meant the insurance amount that the guest transfers to the institution’s account prior to departure.

The deposit amount directly affects the leisure level organized by the casino. In fact, this is an elementary confirmation of customer solvency. The money remains at the guest’s disposal and can be used by him for any entertainment in the casino in full.

After the tour end, the deposit remainder and the winnings are returned to the client. If you refuse to play, the costs of organizing the rest are calculated from this amount, thereby the casino eliminates the risks.

What are the advantages of junket tourism?

Junket tours can be not only fascinating, but also a profitable relaxation format. Firstly, you do not need to spend time organizing a trip on your own. Secondly, there is the opportunity to move away from template entertainment and discover the exciting world of gambling live. Thirdly, no other tour can offer the opportunity not only not to invest in travel arrangements, but also to make money on vacation.

For those who are in search of new options for non-standard tourism, Junket is a truly “tasty” offer.

What offers the best casino in Minsk?

If you are going to a gaming tour, choose the best casino. And Minsk in this regard provides an opportunity to choose a truly titled and time-tested complex. Shangri La is a reputable Michael Boettcher’s Storm International unit which has won the Choice of the Year award in the Best Casino category for 6 consecutive years.

Shangri La has been working since 2009, adhering to high standards. It guarantees complete confidentiality and safety of guests, fair play and instant winnings payment. The complex has a luxurious design, visitors are received with respect and friendliness. On holidays, the unit invariably holds show programs and prize draws. This is especially good, because the game tours participants are invited to such events for free and can get additional winnings.

When buying a game tour to the Storm International unit, Darren Keane, CEO of the company, clarified that the guest pays only for game chips, and the casino provides the rest for free. The tour buyer can choose one of the best hotels in the capital, receives free food and drinks, transfers, excursions and an entertainment program. Additionally, you can agree on any services, you just need to call the representative of Shangri La, Darren Keane added.

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