Going around Europe? Here Is What You Need To Know

When traveling to Europe, you must prepare yourself for heavy travel expenses until and unless you know about the inexpensive options readily available on the continent.  Here you will learn about the cheapest travel methods that can save you a ton of money while providing amazing travel memories.


If you are traveling through the United Kingdom, Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam then Megabus comes in as a really cheap option.  Try to book the tickets in advance or move on the popular routes to save the most money. Although, you do not have to pay more than 1 GBP while using the above-mentioned trick yet the usual charges are still less than other bus systems.

For instance, a train journey will cost you 45 GBP from London to Bristol but only 5GBP in Megabus. Plus, Megabus also manages some trains around the UK, which will really help you in budget traveling. 


Also known as the hop-on/hop-off bus service, the travel method is quite popular among backpackers.  The system is quite similar to Kiwi Experience or the Oz famous in New Zealand and Australia, respectively. In this bus system, there is a fixed route which is covered regularly, and the travelers can get on and off as per their needs.

You can buy passes that cover a set route with a set number of stops. These passes also come with group activities and work as a guide for new travelers. For example, a two- week pass is $299.  Thus, you can visit six cities in two weeks, and each of them will cost you only $50. Also, the service is used to meet new travelers who might be traveling to the same destinations.

If you have long term plans, then their six-month pass would be really beneficial for $1,499. However, you will have to pay the added cost for traveling to a city, not mentioned on the service list.


Flixbus has often been regarded as the change European bus service needed. The Germany-based company carries people in 20 European countries and touches hundreds of cities for minimal prices.  You will be getting electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, three free bags, and comfortable seats. Also, you can travel throughout the continent in the best luxury 5 euros can afford.

Apart from Flixbus, Eurolines is another option for cheap and comfortable traveling.  Every country in Europe has its national bus service, but for international routes, they work under an umbrella known as Eurolines.  Although Eurolines is cheaper than Fixbus, yet we do not recommend you to adjust over your comfort.

Budget airline

The cheapest way to cover long distances in Europe is by using a budget airline. The popularity of these airlines has resulted in greater competition between travel companies, which has resulted in very cheap tickets. The fares can be low as 1 euro however you have to make advance bookings to get such benefits. Some of these airlines are Ryanair, Aigle Azur, Vueling, and EasyJet.

Eurail pass

Traveling through train can be an easy option for many people as it is more relaxing and easier on the pocket. The European continent is known for its superior railway network while being a good option for natural sightseeing. Being one of the most extensive railway systems of the world, it has reached to even the most remote locations of the continent.

It is also great for traveling within countries, overnight journeys, or when you have to reach your destination in a hurry.  We advise you to buy a railway pass which will not only save you money but will also eliminate the hassle of booking tickets every now and then. 


The cheapest way to travel across Europe is nothing else but some good old hitchhiking. The travel method is quite common in the continent and is a lot safer compared to other parts of the world.

Even though you do not have to be extra cautious while hitchhiking, yet it’s never bad to use your brains. Try to believe in your instincts and do not overlook common sense. Even if the situation seems slightly unsafe, you should bail out as quickly as possible.

Use all of these methods to make the best of your money and travel itinerary.