Guide to Boating Holidays in Europe

Why not get a boat in Europe for your next boating vacation if you want to travel further afield? A week or longer on a fantastic sailing holiday in Europe is the best way to relax and unwind. You can board one of the narrowboats in the UK or an elegant motor cruise along with the Norway coast from various bases across Europe with no prior experience or licence required.

Yachting around Croatia

Croatia is one of the finest sailing destinations in the world for several reasons: the islands are close together, so you won’t have to cross long distances (which is safer), the winds are generally calmer than in other destinations, and the islands and coastline are dotted with ancient historical ruins.

Split, the country’s second-largest city, is an excellent spot to begin a Croatia yacht charter, with some of the most well-known and popular islands, such as Hvar, Brac, and Korcula, only a short-day sailing journey away.

The maze-like palace now houses some of the world’s best-preserved Roman architecture. In the nearby town of Katella, less than a 30-minute drive from Trogir, there is also an international airport with flights to/from all major European cities, making it quite accessible for vacations in Croatia.

Island Hopping the Balearic Islands

Island hopping is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the Balearic Archipelago of Spanish islands is one of the most beautiful places to do it. It can be difficult to figure out how to arrange an island-hopping trip if you’ve never done so before.


Ibiza is unquestionably the party island, so if you’re travelling with pals, take advantage of the opportunity to visit some of the island’s hotspots. Es Paradis is the most popular dance club in Ibiza.

Also, make a point of visiting one of Ibiza’s famous hippy markets. Attend one of the yoga sessions held on the beaches of Ibiza if you’re interested in spirituality and yoga.


While Mallorca is known for its party scene, it is also known for its stunning architecture; therefore, you must visit the Basilica de Santa Maria, a famous gothic-style cathedral.

If you’re in Mallorca, the Drach Caves are also a must-see. One of Europe’s largest underground lakes, they are notable for their size.


Menorca is noted for its lovely coves, including Cala Mitjana and Macarelleta.


Formentera is the smallest of the three islands on this list, so that it will be much quieter. You can unwind or tour the Barbarian Caves while you’re here. Maybe go for a walk to the lighthouse.

Cruise the Norway Coast

The lacerated western coastline of Norway, carved by massive glaciers over millions of years, is best experienced by boat. The 63,000-mile coastline could wrap around the earth twice if bays, fjords, and island shorelines are included.

Anyone who has taken one of these cruises will wax poetic about the towering snow-capped peaks, historic villages, magnificent waterfalls, and picturesque inlets.

Cruise ships provide a one-of-a-kind way to see the best of Norway. Without having to worry about lodging, food, or transportation, you can explore the gorgeous coastline, some of the country’s largest cities, small coastal communities, and the world-famous fjords.

Occasionally, some of the world’s largest cruise ships dock at Norwegian ports. When a large ship dock, the townspeople usually come out to meet it. When the Adventure of the Seas docked in Trondheim, guests were greeted with cannon fire and a local band.

Narrowboating the UK Canals

Canal boats, often known as narrowboats (also referred to as barges or longboats), are relatively easy to drive and provide a genuinely unique family vacation experience. A canal boat hire in Midlands (or in similar locations) for narrowboating can be ideal for couples, families, and groups of friends looking for a quiet weekend or short midweek trip.

The canal network in the United Kingdom spans over 3,000 miles and is steeped in more than 200 years of history. A canal boat vacation allows you to tour waterside villages, historic cities, and breath-taking scenery, all from the luxury of your floating vacation home.

Don’t worry if you’ve never been on a canal trip before; you’ll receive complete instruction on how to drive your narrowboat when you arrive to pick your boat, so no prior boating experience is required. We highly recommend purchasing from a private narrowboat sales company to get something that fits your needs and make for the perfect narrowboating holiday across the UK.

Summing up, Europe on the sea is as beautiful as Europe on foot. Choose your adventure, pack your bags, and set sail!

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