How did Emperor Francis Joseph I travel to Pressburg?

The journey between Bratislava – Vienna takes by personal transport approximately 45 minutes in ideal traffic. The professional drivers in limousines of Airport Taxi Bratislava will take you on this journey in a comfortable way for a fixed price any time during 24 hours, 365 days a year. Dozens of tourists and clients travelling to meet their business partners use the Bratislava (airport or city centre) – Vienna (Schwechat airport or city centre) transfer provided by our company on a daily basis.

What was the possible route Emperor Francis Joseph I used to use when travelling from Vienna to former Pressburg? By examining historical archives we would probably uncover it. And, supposedly, it was the route we use nowadays to transport our clients on the route Bratislava – Schwechat airport or Bratislava – Vienna and back.

Which small villages do we pass on our journey to Schwechat airport? What can be seen around the route we use to get to Vienna? There are several targets we pass and you recognize them perhaps only as information boards along the highway or road.

  1. Wolfsthal

The first village is Wolfsthal (literally „Wolf valley“) with approximately 1000 inhabitants. A piece of interest is that the local railway that used to end in Bratislava, has its end now here. The parish church “Maria am Birnbaum” from 1737 can be considered as the dominant feature of the village.

  • Hainburg an der Donau

The foundations of the small town of Hainburg an der Donau were laid down in the 11th century thanks to the construction of the castle the monumental ruins of which have been preserved to these days. The present Hainburg proudly shows off its picturesque alleys, massive medieval gates and its city walls. You can also find here a few sacral buildings – the parish church of St. James and Philip, Chapel of St. Ulrich or the Martin Luther Evangelical Church. Joseph Haydn, the music composer, has spent 2 years of his school days here. The town is part of the Donau-Auen National Park currently. 

Hainburg an der Donau
  • Bad Deutch-Alternburg

Bad Deutch-Alternburg, also referred to as a market municipality, offers also some interesting memories to the tourists. Worth mentioning is the Carnuntinum museum – the largest museum of Roman history in Austria or the Romanesque-Gothic basilica „Marien Kirche“ from the 13th century. The spa Bad Deutch-Alternburg is well-known thanks to one of Europe´s strongest springs of iodine sulphur used in muscoskeletal treatment and treatment of skin problems.

  • Petronell-Carnuntum

Another market municipality is Petronell-Carnuntum, where the largest excavations from Roman times in Middle Europe were uncovered. The ancient roman city Carnuntum was established at the beginning of the 1st century, it was the capital city of Upper Pannonia and it had approx. 70 000 inhabitants. If you would like to dive into the atmosphere of the ancient Rome, make a stop and take a look at all the attractions that the village offers to the tourists from this period.


5. Fischamend

We are slowly passing by the villages of Göttlesbrunn and Haslau an der Donau. Our final stop will be the small town called Fischamend that is located also on the route Bratislava – Vienna, in the region of Lower Austria. Right here, in the town, the tourists can visit the city museums. Heimatmuseum in the so called Fischaturm (Fish tower) that is, at the same time, the dominant feature of the town where you can find out more about the history, crafts and traditions connected with this city. The Museum of Aviation and Modern History brings closer to the visitors, first of all, the history of aviation in Fischamend between the years 1909 – 1945. And if you feel like wanting more history, you can visit the Fire Museum and the Museum of Photography as well.


Note: In view of the restrictions in connection with the „COVID-19“, please, check upon the availability of individual attractions and memories for tourists directly on the web pages of the cities and villages.

Taxi Bratislava – Vienna airport – Vienna city centre

From Fischamend the route of Airport Taxi Bratislava taxi service continues to Vienna. Perhaps Emperor Francis Joseph I or other rules of Austria-Hungary used exactly this route for their travels. Maybe yes. Maybe not. We will leave it upon the history experts.

However, if you are a tourist who wants to discover the beauties of Vienna or Bratislava, or you have an agreed appointment in any of these cities and you need to arrange a few e-mails/phone calls on your trip, place an order for a taxi Vienna Bratislava or taxi from Bratislava to Vienna Airport and back. Get convinced of the quality and comfort we offer to our clients on this journey. It will be our pleasure to take you there and back any day and any hour. Sources:,,

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