How To Complain About Airlines?

Imagine yourself on a prestigious flight from your city to an amazing holiday destination with your family. You are enjoying every moment of it while listening to music in the middle of your flight when the steward passing by your side spills juice on you. Getting annoyed, you rebuke him but the steward, quite contrary to your expectation, decides to add fuel to the fire by behaving rudely in response instead of being sorry. Obviously, anger and anguish will be your first emotions but, being a reasonable person, you are supposed not to ruin the peace of your flight mates by shouting.

Nevertheless, you also cannot sit idle as being quiet won’t help. Moreover, chances are, the airline management will not even bothering to do anything about the problem even if they have noticed the flaw. Many people have reservations about their complaints being a feed for the trash cans, now refraining from even submitting one.

We have a few tested tips on complaining in an effective manner that won’t only make your protest get noticed but will also help your issues getting resolved sooner than usual.

1. Be Precise

The most important point to consider to write any good piece of airline complaint is being brief. The officials at the complaint office receive thousands of mails like yours everyday and do not really care about what emotional or reputations damage was caused to you by their mistake. Trust us when we say that no one will read your tragic story, not even the organization which puts all their efforts in satisfying their customers. Be very brief and write about only those details which are related to your issue.

2. Demanding Too Much Is Never A Good Idea

It is often observed that people ask for too much in compensation from the airlines which is not a good idea. Asking for a free return ticket in reimbursement of smelly blanket on-board is not sensible at all.

3. Attach a Proof If Possible

If you cannot prove your point, writing it too well might not be of much advantage to you. It is always advisable to make a video, take a picture, or record an audio on-spot for attaching it with your complaint for additional legitimacy.

4. Threatening Never Works

Never ever tell an official that “I will never travel with you again” or threaten any airline by saying things like “I can ruin your reputation in the entire world” or other pointless sentences. Such superficial sentences ruin your complaint’s value and take it down to zero. Besides threatening seems rude and gives and idea of the writer being unethical, automatically lowering the chances for the complaint to be reviewed.

5. Be Careful About Your Writing

The way any complaint is written determine its destiny to a greater extent. Any complaint with useless punctuation and grammatical mistakes evidently shows writer’s carelessness and indirectly signals that he won’t be bothering much even upon not getting a reply.

Write well-structured and clear sentences while filling in all the necessary details. Fill in your name, contact details, flight’s details and other necessary things that must be there for a smooth processing. It is better to use bullet points or small paragraphs. Add proper salutations and be polite in your linguistic choice.

Finally, report your complaint online, on a website like, so that your complaint gets the attention it deserves.

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