How to Craft Valuable Travel Related Content

When you start blogging and reading about tips for reaching your audience, you’ll hear people talking about tips and tricks like search engine optimization (SEO), using social media to drive traffic, and getting people to your website. This can be great for people who are planning on making money from their blog, check out websites like PhoenixFM for additional help in this area too, especially if they want to expand even more on it. Today we’ll discuss important things to know in order to properly run this blog. You’ll see a list of all the tools available to customize and build your blog. At this point, you should have purchased a domain name and hosting through Bluehost, installed a WordPress theme (these are my favorites), and set up your blog with plugins.

Keep in mind ideas for content such as featuring the world’s fastest crossbow, as opposed to always focusing on something generic, like a travel destination review that has no personal experiences featured.

You can create a travel blog by following my step-by-step guide, which includes detailed instructions on how to set up a blog with Bluehost (I promise it’s super easy!). Once you have a website name and web hosting, you can set up blog email addresses for yourself and everyone you work with on your blog. An email address with a blog logo is also important for building and maintaining a mailing list. These branded addresses look more professional than using your personal email and are easier to store personal blogs and emails, which is great when you might only have a few minutes to check your emails in a Wi-Fi café or airport lounge important. .


If more than one person accesses your blog, you can create accounts on this website to professionalize your operation and grant them certain privileges. Settings: This is where you can customize all of your site’s settings, including things like your blog’s title and thumbnail size. You can even resize and crop screenshots, and easily drag and drop or copy them to use in your travel blog posts.

As a travel blogger, you should include images in your blog posts, and tools like Pixabay can help you get royalty-free images. However, if you’re writing about a place you haven’t visited yet, you can use a free image tool like Pixabay to find copyright-free travel images. You can use it to find major attractions in a specific location, or find great free images. Some travel blogs are known for their amazing photos, but the ones I find most useful are those that show the important details of how to get from point A to point B.

So that’s an overview of all the tools (free and paid) that I use for my travel blog. Today I have introduced you to my list of essential blogging “equipment”. I have been blogging for over five years and have acquired a lot of technology and equipment in that time. Over the past decade as what some would call a “travel blogger,” I’ve used all sorts of blogging services, tools, and equipment.

When it comes to travel blogging, there are plenty of tools and services you can invest in to get the most out of your blogging career. Don’t be afraid to explore topics that are seemingly unrelated to the travel niche, for your posts. A post about the best fiber splicing machine, for instance, will surprisingly get just as much hits, if not more. Before deciding how to name your blog, make sure you understand the guidelines for choosing a domain name, see if the domain name you want is available, and learn which top-level domains are best for your blog.

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