How to Hire a Private Jet – Great Insight for Newbies

Hiring a private jet like the Cessna Citation CJ4 for the first time can be a daunting task. But with the right information, the process is smooth. So, why would someone want to know how to hire a private jet? Well, it could be for a business trip, VIP errand, entertainment, or for leisure, among other reasons. A private jet, also called a chartered jet, makes your trip a five-star experience that you will never forget from personalized service staff and great meals to VIP airport to hotel transfers.

So, when the need to hire a private jet comes, knowing the steps to take is crucial. This post will highlight them for you.

Use an Agent

Most exotic vehicle rental companies either have their own private jet for rental or act as agents to charter a private jet for customers. Talking to them reduces the hassle on your side. They make all of the arrangements for you including the airport transfers.

When you visit the website where they have listed their services, you will also know the rates per hour whether you are taking the entire jet for yourself or using a shared charter. The latter is considered a cheaper option for many people.

Compare Prices

Different private jet charter companies charge differently for their services. If you are lucky enough to have a couple of companies in your area, take some time to compare their services and charges. Some private jet rental companies prefer to rent per seat, especially if they are specialized in holiday packages, while others specialize in renting out the entire jet to any client who wants it.

As mentioned, renting per seat is cheaper because the cost of the entire jet is shared. But if you are a VIP who wants exclusivity, then be prepared to dig deep into your pockets to pay for the entire jet.

Book Early

If you know where you need a private jet, there is no need to rush at the last minute. Booking early has a lot of conveniences and can save you some money as well. However, clients should not be worried if they get an urgent need of a private jet such as an emergency meeting or a health issue that requires you to be flown. Private jets are often available since they are not rented out every other day.

Pay a Deposit

Upon booking, it is prudent to pay a deposit to secure the private jet. The company will avail it for your travel when you meet their down payment agreements. It is a good idea to pay through cashless means and keep a copy of the payment slip or receipt. Confirm everything a day or two before the travel date when possible. This makes you certain that your trip is still on schedule and that you will get the expected experience.

Confirm the Provided Services

When you charter a private jet, you should expect an exceptional travel experience. However, it is good to confirm the expected services, especially if you have a guest to entice. Some of the services they give as a package of a chartered jet include food and drinks, a sleeping cabin in case of long trips, state-of-the-art entertainment, chauffeured airport transfers, hotel rooms, and much more. Your interest should be what is included in the package and what you are required to pay on the side. After all, hiring a private jet and other lavish services to accompany the travel is quite expensive.

Final Words

It is easy to hire a private jet for the first time with the above insights. The web provides you with an excellent platform to check more information and contact information to call experts as well. Do not wait any longer, charter your private jet today.

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