How to Stay Merry While Flying This Holiday Season

Whether you’ll be taking one long-haul, roundtrip flight to a faraway exotic destination or if you’re going to be laying-over and switching flights like a backpacker who is chasing the absolute best deals, remember that your approach to air-travel can make or break a huge chunk of your entire holiday season. Make sure not to entertain any grinches or gremlins that have a propensity to take small elements of unpreparedness and turn them into serious mood-spoilers.

Pack like a seasoned backpacker

Seasoned backpackers typically pack light, something which you should probably seriously consider doing, even if you’re going away for a bit longer than usual and you think you’ll need a lot more of your stuff. Ask a seasoned backpacker what is the best e cig brand out there, for instance, and they’ll answer you from the point of view of how much trouble you will or will not have carrying your vaping gear with you when you travel. If interested, you can also consider learning how vaporizers work from them!

So in addition to packing light, take a leaf out of the books of a backpacker and learn their ways in taking the right selection of items away. Have you heard of packing cubes and their vacuum pumps, for instance?

Confirming FAA regulations with your selected airlines

Airlines, well at least the biggest of them in the world, take great pleasure in entertaining the requests of a prospective client, simply because they’d love to turn you into a frequent flyer with them and a repeat customer. So ask, ask and ask some more if there’s something you don’t quite understand.

Are you a vegan perhaps and would like to know if there are some vegan meal options? Get in touch with the airline and ask.

More pressing information is particularly important to obtain prior to flying, such as asking for specific clarity around the process of travelling with vaping gear. Confirm that what are otherwise general regulations such as being allowed to carry a vape battery charger in your carry-on luggage are in fact in line with the policy practiced by the airline you’ll be flying with. The last thing you want is to lose some of your high-quality vaping gear.

Just follow the rules

Remember that although the likes of vape mods are allowed to fly with, provided they’re carried in your hand-luggage only (and not checked in), this doesn’t mean you can vape on the plane. Just follow the rules, as you normally would and you should be on course to ensure you stay merry while flying this festive seasn.

Complete proper, prior planning

Nothing beats thorough, prior planning when preparing to fly over the holiday season. It gets really busy, so you’d be setting yourself up a bit if you left any aspect of your travel plans to the last minute.

In-flight hacks

Indulge in the in-flight entertainment to pass the time and keep your mind occupied. Make some conversation with eager fellow passengers and get up every once in a while, when it’s safe to do so, to have a bit of a stretch of the legs and walk around a bit. You do not want to brew some agitation that can turn into a real spoiler.

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