How to store your shoes

It is very easy for your shoes to get out of hand, especially when you are very practical. Many people tend to acquire so many shoes but when it comes to storage, it can really be a daunting task. Most tend to be clunky, hard to store and they are just too many. The matter can be more complicated when your house space is limited.

Nevertheless, there are usually some nooks and crannies around the corners of your house that you can take advantage of for storing shoes. In fact, you’d be surprised with how much you can declutter with the right storage units. You could start by finding a design that is rather easy to work on and take it as a nice DIY project. Else, you could complete the task by seeking the help of a Roanoke finish carpenter, or one based closer to you.

Shoe storage for entrance

The entrance is the most overlooked area when it comes to storage spaces. For indoor shoe storage, you can take advantage of the extra space you have when entering the house like the garage entryway that has enough space for storing your shoes.

You can also make it into a mudroom with storage space to hang winter coats and keep daily footwear, outdoor equipment, and utility products. As for what you should have in your mudroom, you could consider adding baskets, storage cabinets, hooks and wall hangers, bench seats, and a litter box if you have a pet.

Overhead garage storage racks can also be a fantastic addition to maximize storage options in your garage mudroom. These racks provide valuable vertical space for storing bulky items such as sports gear, seasonal decorations, and camping supplies, keeping them safely out of the way. Furthermore, incorporating Overhead Garage Storage Racks can enhance your mudroom’s functionality and organization. This combination of practical and aesthetic home improvements will not only keep your house clean and organized but also add an attractive and efficient touch to your living space.

Storing shoes under the bed

The beds normally take up a lot of space in our rooms. Most people love the comfort and a good night’s sleep is very essential therefore a large bed becomes the best preference. You can take advantage of the space underneath your bed and turn it into a shoe storage area. You can do this by using a large old picture frame where you put all your shoes in and store it under your bed.

When your bed lacks underneath the storage section, you can use bed hangers that hang over the side of your bed and store your shoes on them. Additionally, you can also decide whether to cover the bed hangers or leave them out for people to see.

Using wardrobes as shoe storage

If your house is spacious, you can use a shoe cupboard or wardrobe to store shoes. This can be made possible by using shelves, which are easy to put up and has massive space to use. However, when your space is limited, a smaller shoe cupboard can be used as an alternative. You can arrange your shoes in opposite ways so as to maximize space. This will create more space and therefore storing more shoes on one shelf.

If your wardrobe is small, you can try adding some covings around it near the ceiling. This enables you to keep your shoes out of way and also makes them easy to retrieve. Again, if your closet is small, you can hang the coving on your walls or behind the door. The covings are budget-friendly and come in different shapes and colors. These covings also add to the touch of style of fashion and makes your house appealing to visitors.

Shoe storage is very easy especially when you start to make use of the different hidden places in your home. There are many ideas and ways on how you can store your shoes effortlessly and making your home organized.

Because shoes are very expensive to acquire, storing them properly will save you a lot of money in the long run. Always choose a method that will keep them shapely, clean, and dry.

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