Investing in a Paddle Board – What you need to know

You might have gone away on a trip to one of the many beautiful island of the Caribbean and had a paddle boarding experience, or you hit the nearest coast locally and enjoyed some fun times out on the water, on one of the paddle boards lent to you for the day/activity. Either way, paddle boarding fever would have likely hit you hard enough to have you consider investing in your very own one, but there are a few things to consider as part of what you need to know before taking the leap and making the investment.

You’d be accounting for many of the factors that come together to make up the best paddle board if you went on the advice of what the best inflatable board by is, but it helps to know exactly what those factors that make it the best are. For starters, in this particular instance you would be looking at a specific type of stand up paddle boards – the inflatable variety, which is justifiably leading the way in popularity.


We’ve already introduced one popular type of stand up paddle board, which is the inflatable one, but there are indeed different types. It doesn’t help much being able to recite the different types by way of the names of the categories they can be classed into. Rather, it’s about the performance each type gives, especially in relation to considerations such as how long you’re going to be out on the water, your body shape, weight, etc. Officially though, we have surf boards, allround boards, flatwater boards, and race boards.

You may not necessarily be looking to compete in an official paddle board racing event, but you might still find that the race board variety of paddle board is the best for you…

It all depends on how it feels when you’re on it and out on the water. So the inflatable variety is not really an official type on its own, but rather a design-and-build style which pretty much all the different categories are made in (for portability).


The size of the paddle board also contributes considerably to the performance, for instance you might a longer, more stable one if you plan to paddle over longer distances and need some steadiness and momentum should you get tired.

Your paddle boarding style

Your form when paddling determines the style of paddle boarder you are, which has a huge bearing on what kind of paddle board to choose as the best one for you. How often do you want to go out paddle boarding, for instance? Will it be practical to have to regularly carry your paddle board over the distance you would have to cover to get to your boarding spot?

Either way, it’s a big decision you’d be faced with settling on a specific paddle board for your needs. Check out Supboard99 for a comprehensive guide on some of the latest in paddle boarding favourites, which will nudge you in the right direction .

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