Junkets – Tours with The Opportunity to Visit Real Casinos

The junket tour concept appeared more than half a century ago, but relatively recently this relaxation style has become available in the CIS countries. This is a type of elite leisure, which harmoniously includes travel and visits to gaming complexes. The need for such tours arose with the ban on casino activities in many CIS countries. A trip involving visits to elegant gaming houses can be purchased from many tour operators, but it is much more profitable to contact the casino directly.

The main principle of such events is the solution of all organizational issues by the host. The fact is that in this way casinos attract new customers, and players get the opportunity to visit the legendary gambling houses. Such tours have been practiced for a long time, because gambling was prohibited, online gambling has not yet been so developed, and the human desire to play interesting games is ineradicable. In the CIS, Michael Boettcher’s Storm International has been offering this opportunity; Darren Keane has been the Managing Director for many years.

Storm International, Darren Keane clarified, operates the Shangri La casino brand in Eastern Europe. Units are successfully operating in four countries. So guests from different countries can order junket to Georgia, Latvia, Belarus and Armenia.

Features of tours at the host expense

Such trips have a number of differences from the usual sea, sightseeing and shopping tours. A specific feature is that the organizers take on themselves a considerable part of the player’s expenses. This is due to the constant increase in the junkets popularity. Participants can pay for their travel (flight, train, car), accommodation (hotel or apartment), meals, transfer services, sightseeing, etc. Of course, the extent will depend on the casino level and the junket budget that the tourist is counting on.

Since the organizers at their own expense organize holidays in the all-inclusive style, on the other hand, certain conditions are expected to be met. The principles of agreements in each case are individual, but often, we are talking about buying playing chips for the agreed amount. Additionally, the conditions indicate the bets sizes, or the time amount that the guest must spend in the gaming halls. If the contract terms are not observed by the casino visitor, the receiving party may demand financial compensation.

A little more about junket tours

If you get a ticket through a tour operator or an intermediary of a gaming unit, they often take care of all the paperwork, but their services must be paid extra. When the casino unit is engaged in the junket organization, there are no additional payments.

If visa is required to enter the country where the casino is located, the operator provides support, accompanying and advising on issues of documents throughout the registration process. For each country, the documents package may differ, but all the troubles fall entirely on the organizer.

Of course, the junket price will depend on many factors, including the quality of accommodation, food and necessary services. The higher the price, the more luxurious the casino vacation will be.

Another condition for a tourist is to open a deposit account in a casino. Thus, the establishment checks whether there are funds that you agreed on, and whether the guest really intends to play in the unit. Funds may be debited from this account if the agreement is not complied with.

In all gambling Storm International units, the chips cost covers all living expenses, Darren Keane specified. Therefore, such a visit is much more profitable than the traditional few evenings in the casino. After all, you do not have to pay for a hotel, visiting restaurants and bars. Shangri La takes care of all this. Additionally, the guest can go on free excursions and participate in all gambling complex events.

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