Making the Most of Your Caribbean Trip

Although air travel to the smaller Caribbean islands is relatively cheap, it is not necessarily environmentally friendly. This option only makes sense if there is a significant distance between the islands. But if you have time, this is a good choice because you can see other islands such as Carriacou and Union Island. You can still enjoy some online fun with the best Australia online casinos from all the way across this part of the world though.

We are on the main island of Grand Bahamas, although everyone tells you that you need to visit the so-called small family islands to see the real Bahamas. We got promises of some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and this island did deliver. We went to all the beaches on the island most of the time, ate at the best restaurants in Anguilla, and relaxed in the private pool, but our favourite day was Sandy Island, where we ate the best lobster in the world –our life. It is also possible to book in advance the best rental property in the area of the Bahamas where you will be staying. As an example, if you are planning to stay at Exuma with your family, you may want to consider the best Exuma vacation rentals.

There are plenty of sailing opportunities in Saint Lucia. On a crewed yacht charter, you can enjoy the freedom to cruise between the islands and drop anchor to snorkel in remote lagoons or stroll along beaches inaccessible by land. Renting a yacht from a Caribbean yacht charter company to enjoy with a small group or take a family trip to the Caribbean islands is as dream-worthy (and splurge-worthy) as possible.

A cheaper option is to use the extensive ferry network in the area, especially when you visit islands that are very close to each other. Flights are an option, but it is important to note that flights between Caribbean islands are usually very expensive and routes may be limited. British Airways also connects many islands as a more reliable option. In other places, you can reach almost anywhere in the Caribbean from San Juan (thanks to regional airlines such as Cape Air and Seaborne), and many islands are closer to ferries and planes, such as Culebra, Vieques, British Virgin Islands and Virgin Islands.

So you cannot stop in Puerto Rico and then to your destination Aruba if you stop in Houston … but you can if you stop in Panama City.

There are not many ferries (especially in the eastern Caribbean) and you could help with the boat to get to the next island, but it takes more time and waiting. In fact, island hopping is by far the most logistically challenging aspect of a Caribbean vacation in the Leeward Islands, even if you’ve come prepared with a list of the best online casino Canada has available to access remotely, for those idle travelling times. The idea of ​​island hopping in the Caribbean is much simpler in theory than in practice – the region is simply not prepared for it. It’s harder to meet other travellers, and island hopping can be expensive as there are simply no cheap flights ($ 100-150 minimum).

The easiest and most affordable way to travel the islands in the region remains on a cruise ship, and most of the major cruise lines now offer children’s cruises between the Caribbean islands with services such as babysitting. Group and private seating, teen clubs, water park playgrounds and a wide selection of food for the most discerning palate. Fodors, a respected 70 year old tour guide company, offers a helpful list of Caribbean islands ideal for families, with a delicate focus on the safety of each island.

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