Points to Remember When Travelling to Asia

A vacation to Asia can be the best and most memorable time of your life. The destinations are wonderful, and the locals are nothing less than welcoming. But before packing your bags, you should learn about the basics of safely travelling in the biggest continent.

Language difference won’t hurt your journey

Language difference will only be a concern if you are travelling to a very remote location. Apart from that, you will have little to no confusion in communicating with the locals as the majority of them have basic English-speaking skills.

From time to time, you might feel a bit confused about the food you ordered due to your deviation from the norms. But there will be hardly any trouble in exploring the tourist destinations.

Knowledge about the local language will help you every now and then yet there is no need to spend hours googling about how they communicate. Locals are quite helpful and willing to correct your skills in their native speech. Moreover, it will be a fun and great learning experience.

Over-packing will lead to disorder

Overpacking is the most common mistake made by new travellers, especially on a trip to Asia.  You will miss a lot of fun and exciting stuff while dragging the heavy suitcase here and there. Majority of people end up quitting on the pleasure of exploring a new world while some leave things they bought from home.

There is no need to bring too many things apart from your personal stuff.  You will get everything you need at your destinations at lower prices in comparison to your homeland. Plus, you are bound to buy numerous souvenirs from culturally rich Asian countries which will increase your load.  

Thus, it is a smart idea to bring minimal items on a trip to Asia.

Carry various payment methods

Normally, we will not advise you to carry extra money while travelling but in Asia, you will have to become super diversified when paying for your purchases.  In spite of a good ATM network in many of the countries, there is no guarantee about their services. On the other hand, many outlets in the main city accept card payments but not all shops and vendors take plastic money. It’s a contradiction that is difficult for foreigners to navigate.

Hence, it is necessary to carry extra cash to use in case of an emergency.  Make sure that you put the money at a safe place and only use it when all options get closed.  Remember, there are infinite ways to spend in Asia, and unfortunately, you will have limited options to pay.

Guidebooks are not handy

Guidebooks are quite comforting in new places. However, you cannot completely rely on their information when travelling in Asia. The information can be old, and the writers might not have traveled to every hotel, attraction, and restaurant.

Majority of places enjoyed by locals do not make into the guidebooks due to lack of space and time. Thus, you can get a hint of the place from these guides but do not use them unintelligently.

Happy journey!

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