Random Number Generator in Slots and how to beat it

The gambling world owes a lot to new technologies, especially in the world of casino gambling, where there seems to be a new invention every so often that completely changes the game when it comes to casino gambling. Just take the invention of roulette in the 1800s as an example, something that was only possible due to Blaise Pascal’s crucial experiments in the field of perpetual motion machines, and that basically ushered in a new age of super casino gambling. 

But by fat the biggest invention to hit the casino gambling sphere over the last few centuries are slot machines, first invented by a man called Charles D. Fey, and later popularised massively by places such as Las Vegas. For a while these games were purely mechanical, however then came something called a Random Number Generator. This made video slots and online slots possible, shooting the slots industry right into the stratosphere! Keep reading for a lowdown on Random Number Generators in Wizard Slots and how to beat them. 

What is a Random Number Generator in slots? 

First things first, what even is a Random Number Generator in slots? Well, a Random Number Generator is quite literally exactly what it says it is – something that generates an endless stream of random numbers. This is then used by computer whizzes to program various things, with video slots and online slots being just a few. 

You might be wondering why video slots and online slots even need a Random Number Generator in order to work, but we implore you to think about it for a second. It is fairly easy to get a mechanical set of reels to spin randomly, but what about when these reels are digital? In this case you need a Random Number Generator in order to get the spin to be random and fair. 

History of Random Number Generator in slots 

For a large part of the slot industry’s history Random Number Generators simply did not exist, with most slots in the 20th century being purely mechanical machines that could be found in casinos such as the ones in Las Vegas. This all changed in the 1980s, however, when a few particularly innovative slot developers worked out how they could use an RNG (Random Number Generator) in the context of slot machines. 

As soon as they worked this out they could start making video slots, where the mechanical reels were replaced by a set of digital reels that could be found on a video screen on the slot machine. This meant the slot developers could also get a lot more inventive with their bonus features, hence why video slots are so popular!

How to beat the Random Number Generator in slots 

We have a bit of bad news for you here: because Random Number Generators are random you cannot really “beat” them in the traditional sense of the word. What you can do, however, is take steps to increase your chances of winning. The No. 1 piece of advice here is to choose a slot game with a high RTP. 

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