Royal Holiday Vacation Club Confirms Safe Travel Destinations In Spring 2021

The Royal Vacation Club has been in service for over thirty years in both the local and international tourism industry. The establishment has received many recognitions, awards, and distinctions from organizations that check the quality control and satisfaction of guests in hotels. As such, they have acquired good experience in providing quality customer service.

The club prides itself on having over a hundred thousand members all over the world. Joining the club means you have the option of choosing to visit affiliate hotels in several locations worldwide, enjoy quality cruise trips or check out some of the club developments put in place. All club amenities are available to any member of any age and are safe to use.

The hotel has set high standards when it comes to organizing trips for the guests. Every individual has the option of selecting one of the hundred and eighty locations situated in fifty-two countries around the world. In addition, the establishment ensures the investments of its members are safe by freezing their vacation fees every time the membership is active.

In 2020, the world faced the coronavirus pandemic, closing travels in many of the locations. Nonetheless, the arrival of 2021 has also seen many of these locations being opened due to the new COVID-19 regulations. The establishment has a safe guest program to ensure guests enjoy their travels and stay without worrying about being infected.

Guests receive complimentary antigen tests for rooms with two occupants for four or more nights booked. The tests are attended to by qualified physicians and results sent to their emails. Also, guests can get medical attention from medical centers that have made alliances with the Royal Holiday Vacation Club at affordable rates. For this reason, there is no need to get worried whether you choose to travel by cruise ship or booking a flight.

Safe Destinations to Travel this Spring 2021

Spring has arrived and many people are thinking of taking holiday vacations to quality and relaxing destinations that are open. People looking to take a trip to the various affiliate hotels of the establishment can choose to take a slow trip on a luxurious cruise ship that offers the best the business has to offer.

Cruise Travel Destinations

The Caribbean offers quality cruise travel in the Bahamas for four nights. The guests board the cruise ship Carnival Sensations of the Carnival Cruises. The ship departs from Miami, Florida, and has an affordable cruise fee plan. There is also a six-night trip to the Caribbean on the Carnival Horizon ship which also departures from Miami. At Galveston, Texas, a cruise ship named Carnival Vista departures for a seven-night trip on the Caribbean waters.

European cruise travel offers travelers a seven-night trip to the Western Mediterranean on the MSC Grandiosa. The ship departs from Barcelona, Spain. Another trip a traveler can select is the seven nights on the Mediterranean waters cruising on the MSC Seaside. The ship also departures from Barcelona. People can also check out the Greek Islands for seven nights on the MSC Orchestra leaving from Venice, Italy.

Travelers going to the United States can go to the Eastern Caribbean waters for seven nights. The ship to be boarded is the MSC Meraviglia leaving the shores from Miami. Planning for a cold trip? Visit Alaska for seven nights on the ship Emerald Princess departing from Seattle, Washington.

All these trips from Royal Holiday offer the best amenities for the guests at affordable rates. Also, protocols for COVID19 safety are set in place on the ship. As such, booking a cruise ship is a stress-free and relaxing way to visit destinations this spring. If you have ever been injured while travelling, do not worry, you will be fully looked after by all staff.

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