Should you visit Crete when in Greece?

Wow! That’s one word to describe what awaits any traveller who finally decides to visit one of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world, with so much history to go with. Greece has plenty to offer to all types of travellers, even if you just stick to the mainland. They’re pretty much on the verge of a group stage exit, but Olympiacos does indeed offer a great way through which to catch one of those high-quality continental football matches in the Uefa Champions League, to name but just one of many, many things to do.

What is widely believed to be the birthplace of modern civilisation pretty much has an entire world to offer, but on your trip to this impressive part of the world in so many different ways, should you perhaps catch a flight and pop on over its largest island, Crete? You could also catch a ferryboat if you like, perhaps for a more wholesome experience.

Well, if not, then why not? The only reason why you wouldn’t want to visit Crete, while in Greece, is perhaps if you’re not really there for leisure purposes. If you don’t really have the time to explore the island once you arrive, then it’s perhaps best to save a visit to a time when you will have more time. Otherwise you’d be doing yourself something of a disservice, given how much it costs to go to the island.

The island’s capital city, Heraklion, can definitely be done in a single day, but most of that activity would have to be scheduled to take place in quick succession, involving what is mainly a lot of sightseeing. For instance, it would probably be time to head back to the airport for your departure by the time you’ve walked all around the city and you find yourself at the Palace of Knossos, which is just outside the city.

If you were to go through the full range of what different types of travellers often get consumed by though, an entire lifetime won’t be enough to explore all which Crete has to offer. This vast island is full of everyday miracles which some of the locals never get tired of discovering as part of their everyday lives, so you can only imagine how visitors must feel!

Since you would probably already be in a place like Athens, or even the likes of Santorini, you might as well head over to Crete as well. It’s an all-year-round destination, with some cultural activities and outdoor fun to enjoy even in the colder, wetter months of winter.

For the value and the range of different holidaying options you get, Crete can be a super affordable destination to visit with many a cheap Crete Taxi company being a big benefit, with something to suit all budgets. It’s easy to get to and easy to get around, making for one of those destinations where you can show up and then decide what you want to get lost in, even though it’s always advised to plan the logistical side of your visit in advance.

So yes, if you somehow find yourself in Greece, you should definitely pop over to Crete! and do all of the fun Crete Activities that the island has to offer.

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