Some of the Best Places to Visit While in Lyon

Various people go to Paris when in France for a holiday. While the town is impressive, there are other numerous cities in France where you will have a more authentic experience. For example, Lyon, the number three largest city in France, will for sure impress you. Set up in the country’s southeast location, Lyon has been an important economic and cultural hub for close to 2000 years. 

Lyon is known as the home of the best chefs in the world. Additionally, the city is also known as the capital of cuisine, offering travelers a tasty reason to visit. Here are some of the best attraction sites to visit in Lyon.

  1. Lyon Cathedral

The Cathedrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon is among the major tourist attraction sites in Lyon city. The place of worship was constructed 300 years and is situated in the heart of the Vieux Lyon district. Stopover at the place and experience marked glass windows and crosses on both wings of the alter dated back to the 1200s. Moreover, the construction features the 4th-century structures remain that occupied the site before the cathedral’s construction.

2.Aquarium de Lyon

Aquarium de Lyon is a habitat for over 5000 fish. The community aquarium located in the city’s heart hosts above 300 different species situated in 47 tanks in salt and fresh water environs. A chauffeur service for sightseeing in Lyon will take you to the site to view the interesting aquatic animals and the fascinating aquarium layouts with fabricated shipwrecks and other attractive features.

3. Colorful Hills

Lyon city comes with two hills that attract your attention. Among the hills is the Fourviere hill. The hill used to be the city’s center when the Romans established Lyon, making it an exciting place to apprehend and discover Lyon’s past. Additionally, visiting the hill gives you a chance to experience the prehistoric theatre and the Odeon during the Fourviere Night Festival.

Furthermore, various places of worship were constructed on the hills, comprising the Basilique de Fourviere, the dominating basilica in Lyon city. District of La Croix-Rousse is the other hill worthy of visiting. Here, you will admire remarkable paintings and colorful street art.

4. Bridges

Two rivers flow through Lyon city. Therefore, you will find various pedestrian bridges for crossing the rivers that offer outstanding views. Among them is the Passerelle Saint Vincent bridge, which joins the Presqu’ile to the Vieux Lyon across the Saone River with a basilica’s fabulous vision. Built-in the year 1844, Passerelle du College is another impressive bridge to stopover during your holiday in Lyon. The bridge crosses the Rhone river leading you to the festive river banks and floating bars.

5. Visit Parc De La Tete D’Or

Parc De La Tete D’Or is among the finest sites to visit in Lyon city. The 290 acres of Lyon’s topmost fascinating site host a boating lake, zoo, flower gardens, an orangery, and various sporting facilities. 

6. Markets

Lyon city boasts of big markets to make your purchases. The commonest one is the Halles Paul Bocuse market, called after the celebrated French chef Paul Bocuse. The other market to check for the period of your trip in Lyon town is the Saint Antoine Farmers marketplace. The market is opened daily except Mondays. Farmers set up their market tables along the banks of river Saone. This is a unique way to discover how French citizens value food and see the art of selling wine, cheese, and saucisson.

7. The Fourviere Theatre

The Roman theatre is prehistoric in France. It was constructed from 17 to 15 BC by instructions from Augustus and extended during Hadrian’s power. Next to the Fourviere hill, the theatre has sharp seating galleries, an ornamented flooring, and an enormous founded stage.

8. Presqu’ile District

The zone is notable for its pleasing design and monumental town squares. Additionally, the Presqu’ile district piece of the plot is sort of like an island within a river. Spend your next holiday in Lyon and appreciate the Place des Terreaux, a worth visiting site to see the fountain by F.A. Bartholdi. This splendid work of art portrays the heroic chariot of the Garonne River. You will also view four spectacularly carved horses with a zealous look signifying the four distinct rivers that flow into the ocean.

9. Vieux Lyon

Also recognized as the old Lyon, the residence used to be the epicenter of industries and Lyon silk staff’s home. Besides, Vieux Lyon harbors a couple of fascinating museums where you can explore secret corridors known as traboules through structures and squares taking you from one street to another. Also, the structures in this area were raised in the 15th and 17th centuries by ancient residents. However, the noteworthy old place was renovated in the 1900s. Apart from these magnificent sceneries, Vieux Lyon comes with striking hotels, cafeterias, and widespread boutiques.

10. Chinatown Lyon

Your trip to Lyon is not whole without visiting Lyon’s Chinatown. The prevalent tourist attraction site in France spreads for two blocks and brags of incredible restaurants and shops. One afternoon is enough to explore the compact area.

11. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon is among the largest museums in France. Here, you will find Seventy rooms with watercolors from the 1300s to the 1900s, sculptures, and Egyptian and Oriental art displays. Moreover, the Ancient time’s department is a hub of some 600 ancient Egyptian products such as busts, sarcophagi, reliefs, and figurines.

12. Gadagne Museum

The Gadagne museum that stands in a beautiful Renaissance villa comes with two distinct attraction sites. One is the museum of world puppets, which majorly focus on puppetry. Another one is Lyon history, which focuses on the archaeological lithographs, paintings, relics, and other significant documents.


Lyon city is an ideal last stop for leisure vacation and exploration trips. The city brags an array of historical and cultural destinations. In your next vacation, whether with your family, friends, or spouse, make Lyon your destination and enjoy beautiful gardens, museums, shops, restaurants, rivers, and other outdoor activities within the city.

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