The best Cycling Holidays in France

Paris, France always manages to somehow feature among the most visited cities in the entire world. There are plenty of things to do and see, beyond the iconic Eiffel tower. However, as that kind of traveller who always seeks out the soul of every destination I visit, I feel as if Paris itself should only really make for the entry point into France, which in fairness it probably is.

Sure, you’ll delight in all the culture, history and sights the capital has to offer, but you’d be missing out on a whole lot more which France has to offer if you limited your visit to Paris. There are some great cycling tours to take, in and around the capital, but in my opinion, the best of these are a little way away from Paris.

In fact, you can make an entire holiday out of it, so it would be referred to as a cycling holiday, as opposed to merely referring to it as a cycling tour!

The French countryside has some unique natural beauty to offer and the same can be said about some of the coastal regions…

When you look at the general design of French cars, their small build which doesn’t really go to great lengths in terms of beauty, suggests that France is indeed a destination to be explored on foot, more than it is one which is made for those long road trips synonymous with destinations such as the United States. The only better way to explore it than by foot is by bicycle.

And sure, you could rent a bicycle and just lose yourself in the natural splendour of the rural areas or the seaside villages, but once again, you’ll be missing out on a whole lot more which this entire exercise has to offer.

I would recommend cycling holidays from Inntravel, one of which packages on offer is entitled Villages & Valleys of Provence. Even as the seasoned traveller I am who has the most adept nose for a great bargain, my organisational skills would have never had me come up with the value contained in what is one of many great deals.

This particular cycling holiday falls under the category of hotel-to-hotel cycling, to be enjoyed on an electric bike. It’s one thing cycling the route, but it’s infinitely enhanced by the route notes and maps made available as part of the holiday, which also includes meals, luggage transportation, and, perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle – the electric bicycle.

There are many other holiday packages on offer, which encompass the other categories under which cycling holidays fall.

Usually though, even though they may incorporate categories such as wheels & wanderings, ultimately the best of these will also fall under the hotel-to-hotel cycling holiday umbrella. This, in my opinion, is singularly the best way to explore some of the most beautiful parts of France, because you have no time to get too comfortable in just one place of accommodation. You’re encouraged to move on as quickly as you settle in, exploring the great outdoors while you’re at it, of course.

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