The Best Waterfalls in The Scottish Highlands!

The Highlands of Scotland are among the most popular tourist destinations in the world, due to their rocky landscapes, history, and mountains. We’ve selected some of our favourite waterfalls in Scotland, thanks to the region’s abundant rainfall. It’s important to note that if you’re flying in, it could be worth enquiring about car hire at Edinburgh Airport, as most of these locations are a good 4 to 5-hour drive from the capital!

Wailing Widow Falls

This waterfall is one of Scotland’s most memorable spots and is definitely up there towards the top of our list. Although a shaky plod through the water is all it takes from the road, it’s an enjoyable little walk nonetheless. When you eventually reach the falls, you are greeted with a stunning waterfall cascading down the cliff.

This waterfall has a marvellous reputation because of its enigma. During most of the journey to the Wailing Widow Falls, there is little noise other than the water as you approach it, and you are met with an unforgettable climax as you turn the corner; the thunder of the narrow canyon engulfs you.

Falls Of Glomach

An adrenaline rush awaits you with this waterfall. As well as being the highest waterfall in Scotland, the Falls of Glomach are also the most remote, and you have to hike a little to get there. It is known as the ‘gloomy falls’ for its terrifying steep descent and the ensuing picturesque fog that often blankets this aquatic plunge.

Mealt Falls

Mealt Falls, located on Skye, free-falls off a 60-metre vertical cliff into a body of water beneath referred to as the ‘Sound of Raasay’, which flows down to the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of just a handful of waterfalls in the world that feeds into the sea, which makes it even more valuable and compelling to visit.

Seall Falls

As seen as on the fourth instalment of the Harry Potter films (one of Scotlands national treasures), Seall Falls towers a whopping 120 meters from the ground and tumbles down the cliff face of An Gearanach.

A wire bridge crossing has to be constructed close to the base of the falls, and almost everyone I know that has climbed this massif is aware of it. In seriousness, crossing this bridge could prove to be challenging, and if you are apprehensive, climbing equipment may prove to be beneficial and advantageous. It is not for the faint of heart, so keep in mind you can still appreciate the splendour of Seall from the distant bank of the river.

Rogie Falls

There is nothing at Rogie Falls that you won’t like. Visitors can view this waterfall from high and low vantage points along the nature trail, which traverses a lush forest. Several trails from the car park lead to Rogie Falls, including one that leads to a suspension bridge, from which you can view Rogie Falls unimpeded and unhindered.

Inversnaid Falls

A majestic waterfall gushes out of Loch Arklet into Loch Lomond from Inversnaid, a peaceful village in the Highlands of Scotland. Inversnaid Falls are a natural phenomenon, and, when the water is in its throes, they make for an amazing sight. There are many nearby cottages and B&B’s that are child and pet friendly, so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to pay tribute to these impressive views.

Dollar Glen

This is the ultimate respite from mundane life. Whether it is the carpets of wildflowers or the ridges seen through the canopy of greenery, you and the family will be surrounded by amazingly pure nature. A fascinating aspect of Dollar Glen is that scientists have designated it as a region of exceptional biodiversity as a result of the wealth of wildlife there.

To Summarise

There are many spectacular waterfalls in Scotland, so why not take advantage of this beautiful land and treat yourself to the adventure of a lifetime?

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