Top Reasons to Make a Condo for Rent in Phuket Your New Home

Thailand is one of the world’s most popular locations for quality living abroad. From the glorious weather to friendly locals and affordable cost of living, there are innumerable reasons why the Land of Smiles is beloved by travellers and expatriates alike. Whether you want to stay a week, a month or a year, Thailand can deliver an exceptional lifestyle.

Of all the places you could set-up camp, for those of you that love year-round sun and outdoor living, you can’t go past Phuket. From making a comfortable condo for rent in Phuket your home to accessing affordable medical care, world-class schools and award-winning dining, this small but mighty island has it all!

There is something extraordinary about this corner of the world. It’s an exotic place full of character and soul. And did we mention how beautiful it is! If you like turquoise oceans, white-sand beaches, jagged limestone cliffs, palm-rimmed islands and mountainous jungle, you’re sure to love Phuket. 

And don’t be put off by the idea of living in Asia, it’s not as scary as you might think. In fact, most people quickly acclimate to living here and come to like it more than their former home! It’s effortless to make friends and find all the ‘First World’ comforts of home. Beyond that, you’ll be able to visit colourful markets, lively temples, hipster bars, trendy cafes, stunning waterfalls, thrilling theme parks and so forth.

Dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’, nothing quite prepares first-time visitors to the beauty of Phuket. From the sparkling sea to the lush mountains and white sands, the island is a beauty of creation. It’s no wonder over 100,000 expatriates choose to call it home. You can genuinely have the adventure of a lifetime here on Thailand’s largest and most advanced island.

Thanks to a constant sea breeze, temperatures on the island are relatively mild, on average about 30°C all year round. You should only anticipate slightly more humid and repressive conditions between April and May and wet living during the September-October rainy season. But overall, thanks to its location on the Andaman Sea, Phuket enjoys mild weather throughout the year (much to the chagrin of its mainland neighbours!).

For entertainment, you’ll never be bored on the island. By day you can visit beach clubs, beaches, theme parks and shopping malls and by night dine on delicious food, drink at hipster bars and dance the night away at happening clubs.

Thanks to Thailand’s second-busiest international airport, you can easily catch a flight to a range of regional destinations – Bangkok, Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Jakarta, Perth, Shanghai, Mumbai, etc. Not to mention that from Phuket you can easily hop a boat to many surrounding islands, for either a day trip or overnight stay. Some of the best and most famous are Phi Phi, Similan, Racha, Bon, Maiton, Rang Yai, Khai, Panyee, Hong Yao, Kaeo, Maphrao, Sirey and so forth. There is no doubt that if you choose a condo for rent in Phuket as your base in Thailand, you will have a fun and busy life. We wish you luck with your move!

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