Travel Tips for South America

If you are travelling in South America, fully prepared with your Australia online casino sites to keep yourself entertain with during idle times, keep in mind that you will probably need around $ 1,000 a month, although this really depends on which countries you will be spending most of your time in. If you spend most of your time on these, adding to those where the dollar is currently very strong, you should be able to cover most of South America on a typical backpacker budget of $ 1,200 to $ 1,800 a month for one. . $ 2,400 to $ 3,000 per pair.

I would say that you should probably fly to Central America first because you can get it cheaper with money or miles and then drive through Panama and fly or take a boat to Colombia. Travelling in Argentina isn’t all that cheap, so be prepared for a trip here that will take on your budget. International flights can be more expensive compared to domestic flights.

Currently the cheapest countries to travel in South America are Colombia (US$35.29), Bolivia (US$42.01), Peru (US$44.13) and Ecuador (US$50.60). Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru have traditionally been considered the cheapest countries to travel, and each country is widely used by a large number of budget travellers. Buenos Aires is quite expensive, while outlying cities such as Salta and Mendoza are cheaper. Backpacking to South America can be very cheap, particularly if you find affordable South America travel packages.

As a reminder, the best countries to visit in South America if you’re on a budget are Colombia (for now), Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina (for now). If you stick to them, you can get by pretty cheaply, even if you realize that the Galapagos Islands are out of your budget. And, if you stay away from more expensive countries (like Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina) that are comparable to the higher end of North America and Europe, you will do your best to find the best place to have fun in those countries.

Peru can be very affordable with lots of affordable hotels and food in great destinations that every tourist wants to visit. Technically one of the most expensive countries in South America, Chile is still accessible by North American standards, and by taking advantage of the free and cheap attractions and staying at affordable accommodations, you can see and do many amazing things in Santiago without wasting your budget. … But in fact, Chile is significantly cheaper than many think, and yet much cheaper than most cities in Europe and North America, and one of the cheapest countries in South America. Bolivia generally offers the lowest prices for accommodation, as well as the cheapest food and drink options.

According to the Big Mac Index, it can be seen that Uruguay is the most expensive country, the price of the Big Mac is slightly lower than that of the United States, and Argentina is the cheapest country. Bolivia has always been considered the cheapest country in South America-although this argument can certainly be supported-if you really want to get the most cost-effective deal in Bolivia, you need to have a good understanding of where your money is spent where and where to spend.

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If you are travelling to South America, if you decide to travel to the less developed countries of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, it can come as a culture shock, especially in Bolivia. With a GPI rating of 75, it is a peaceful country to visit, but does not attract as much tourist attention as its neighbours.

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