Travelling by Train in the UK: How to Spend Your Money and Time

One of the great ways to see the UK up-close is to go by train. Not only is taking a train relaxing, you can see the countryside and spend some time online. The following information will clue you in on getting a rail pass and how to pass the time while in transit.

Why Buying a Rail Pass Is a Good Travel Choice

Because most train travel radiates from London, base yourself in English capital during your train holiday.Not only can you see famous London sights, you can journey to Scotland or places like Bath, Strafford-upon-Avon, and Brighton.

In fact, you can travel to Scotland in only four hours by train, so you can take a lot of day trips when you travel by rail. Therefore, the first thing you will need to do, if you live outside of Britain, is to buy a BritRail pass for unlimited travel. BritRail passes come in various offerings, so you will need to figure out where you want to travel, once you arrive in London.

For instance, you can get an unlimited South West BritRail pass, which covers travel in the southwest of England. If you have planned to visit Cornwall and Oxford, you may want to choose this rail pass for your UK holiday.

How Much Does A Rail Pass Cost?

Normally, rail passes range from around 104 GBP to about 158 GBP in price. Also, passes only cover adults. Children travel for free. Seeing Britain this way is both economical and easy, as you don’t have to worry about finding your way around by car or battling a traffic jam. All the rail stops are clearly marked.

You can buy a BritRail pass from the Visit Britain Shop online as well as agents, such as International Rail or Rail Europe. When you buy the pass, make sure to carry a passport-sized photo with youfor identification.

What Part of the UK Do You Plan to See?

If you plan to travel through England, Scotland, and Wales, you should buy a regular BritRail Pass, or purchase the BritRail London pass for England-only travel. The BritRail London Plus Pass covers most of the trains traveling in southeast England.

While you may buy tickets ahead of time for less money, you can hop on and off the train when you have a rail pass to show. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan where you will be going by train once you arrive in London. Also, think about some of the ways you will be spending your time during your train journey.

How to Pass the Time When Traveling on a Train

Bring a book with you or your Kindle if you like to read, or have a puzzle book or two in tow. You can also relax and just enjoy the scenery. If you are traveling later in the day or in the evening, you might think about checking out some of the online gaming sites.

For example, slots offer a cheap and fun way to pass the time while traveling by train. If you are traveling on a longer journey, the time flies by when playing slots online. Therefore, you can stay pleasantly occupied while heading to different destinations in the UK.

In fact, each gambling site online features hundreds of casino games. However, slots are easy to play and offer new players super ways to win money. All you have to do is tap a button and wait for that winning combination to appear. You can also try out different sites. This list shows the best new slot sites featured online. Enjoy newcomer incentives, such as deposit matches, no deposit bonuses, and plenty of free spins.

Who knows? You may win some money, which means you can extend your UK adventure. In turn, you will be able to spend more time in places, such as Stonehenge, Cambridge, and Oxford. Visit the Castle Combe, which has been proclaimed as the UK’s prettiest village. Online slot sites ensure that all players have an equal chance to win, so take advantage of the new technology. After all, nothing feels better than hitting the jackpot, especially when travelling.

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