Travelling On a Budget Made Easy With These Simple Tips

Travelling was never meant to be expensive as our standard of living is improving, we also like to travel in style and spend everything we earned during the year. It’s time that we take control of our own money.  Let us focus on some tested and tried methods to save a lot of money on a domestic or foreign trip.

Make a plan

Even though traveling is awesome yet it usually digs a big hole in your pocket. When on a budget, you must keep up with a solid plan to dodge all the instances of extra expense. We are not talking about a strict itinerary, but you must have the idea of your expenditure for each city and country. Use a free budget template to help you get started.

Also, make sure that the route you take is the least expensive as leaving things on chance will result in unexpected liabilities.  Do your research and book tickets beforehand to be sure about your money’s value, or you will get trapped making pointless payments?

Don’t go at the peak season

It is a smart idea to avoid travel during the holidays as the travel industry deliberately hikes prices to loot the families visiting their region. We advise you to travel before and just after these dates as accommodation and food prices will be at their all-time low.

However, you may not see a lot of people or indulge in many activities. But, you will be able to experience natural beauty in all its glory without hundreds of people crowding your vision.  Thus, the shoulder season will provide you cheap hotels; airlines and the temperature will not be hot as well.

Ditch big hotels

To save money while traveling, you will have to trade expensive hotels for hostels. Not only you will be paying a small amount for your stay but will also meet many people who can help, guide, and join you in the journey. You can also take advantage of websites like Couchsurfing and Airbnb, where you will be paying a meager amount to rent a room in someone’s home.

The host will be more than happy to tell you about the region and share some amazing stories and great experiences. They will also tell you about places not mentioned in guide books and local cuisines.  Or you can plan your trip keeping in mind the destinations your family members and friends live. Living with them will cut your costs as nothing else will.

Use public transport

It’s a no brainer- trains and buses are way cheaper than planes, as simple as that.  Furthermore, it will help you experience the way locals travel and also have the opportunity to witness the authentic life of the region.

Save on food

Budget traveling requires sacrifices, especially on food. Understand the fact that you have come to explore the place instead of eating your heart out. There will always be times to serve your picky tongue but not on a budget trip. Eat what will provide you enough energy to complete the journey rather than overfilling your tummy.

Make changes to your plans according to situations and the places you are visiting to stay within your means.

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