UK Residents Should Consider Hungary’s Dental Clinics

The cost of dental care in the UK is expensive and seems to be rising ever higher, if you can even get an appointment that is. The NHS is currently unable to cater for patients needing treatment, with clinics unable to add more patients to their registers and appointments requiring months of waiting in some cases. As a result, patients from all over the country are seeking affordable alternatives overseas, and a popular option are dental clinics in Hungary.

About Dentistry in Hungary

Hungary was one of the first European countries to allow patients from other countries to visit for dental care. Now, the country has an infrastructure that provides a comfortable and convenient experience for dental tourists. The dental clinics in Hungary tend to use advanced software solutions (such as those provided by Cloud 9 Software), have international standard facilities, excellent amenities, and do not compromise on quality in any way.

High-Quality Dental Care in Hungary

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and the main destination for dental tourists. Dental Departures only list world-class facilities that pass a series of stringent checks. We check the dentist’s qualifications, the clinic’s legal documents and insurance, and even make an on-site visit to investigate hygiene standards. With high-standards of practice and hygiene, they might have an efficient billing system (like Precision Medical Billing) in place which could help the patients be clear on the laws, along with a proper reasoning for the money they are paying for their treatment.

The following clinics have passed the checks and are popular with Dental Departures patients:

These clinics offer a wide range of treatments, including dental crowns, fillings, and dental implants.

How Much Can You Save?

Dental care in Hungary costs much less than in the UK. For example, the price of dental implants in Budapest is around 65% less. Implants in the UK cost 2,574 but in Hungary, they are available for just 894. This level of saving is available across the board, and regardless of the dental clinic you opt for, you will save money.

The reason why the price of dental work in Hungary is low is that the cost of living in Hungary is lower than in the UK. With costs such as rents, salaries, bills, and other costs lower, clinics there can afford to pass on the savings to their patients. Additionally, as the clinics are trying to attract patients who are not attached to a local clinic, they compete on price, which reduces prices even further.

Are the Dentists in Hungary Reliable?

Despite the low prices, you can be sure that the quality of dentistry in Hungary is as high as in the UK. The dentists in Hungary are highly qualified, with many receiving a world-class education locally and across Europe. Many attend workshops on new techniques and equipment regularly and ensure their education is constantly added to.

Getting Started

Affordable dental care that is safe and high-quality is available in Hungary. You can book an appointment online to Dental Departures or contact the customer care team for more information.

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