Visit Uttarakhand to Experience Natural Beauty like Never Before

Also, known as Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand is a state in India popular for being the “land of Gods.”  The region is culturally rich and gifted with natural beauty. If you still have not thought about landing there, then this blog will change your perspective forever.

It’s on the foothills of Himalayas

The region is capped by the Shivalik range of mountains that cruise through the entire state. It gives birth to a land which is perfect for human settlement. This province becomes a special attraction due to its spiritual serenity and mesmerizing destinations. This area is blessed with mountains and plains alike that have contributed to the glory of traveling to Uttarakhand.

Being close to Nepal, the place shares cultural heritage while housing people from numerous ethnicities in its lap. Travelers from across the world visit this area to take a break from their mundane life by enjoying snow-capped mountains with untouched beauty.

It’s a Yoga hub

Rishikesh- one of the cities in this state, is the international destination for Yoga and other recreational activities. There are hundreds of ashrams that teach meditation and Yoga to live life more peacefully and help you go in search of one’s true character.

You will witness sadhus practicing meditation to achieve Nirvana on the one hand, and qualified teachers would be uplifting their students through Yoga on another. People in search of peace and self-realization should visit this city for long durations.

If you are an adventure sports junky

Adventure sports are one of the many surprises this place holds. One would imagine this region as a place hooked only towards spirituality, but the state has the best skiing destination in India.  You must visit Auli in winters to participate with other travelers in skiing along the snow-capped mountains while witnessing the glory of the Himalayas.

Not only are the charges less expensive, but the destination is also not overcrowded- something a traveler love. You might also try river rafting in Rishikesh amidst your divine Yogic journey.  The entire state is a golden opportunity for trekkers, especially in Kedarnath, which apart from being a holy destination is also quite challenging to reach. Plus, there are many locations where you can enjoy paragliding safely. If you get lucky, you will discover a hidden waterfall in your route.

Jim Corbett National Park

The very famous national park is home to the few Royal Bengal Tigers left in the country. On a safari in the park, you will witness countless birds and animals that amaze and inspire the travelers.

Besides the national park, you should not miss the chance of witnessing a World Heritage Site- Valley of Flowers. This area is covered with thousands of flowers, and some of them have still not been recognized. This place looks nothing less than heaven created by an Anthophile.  Irrespective of your likings the area is worth witnessing particularly after a 12 km trek.

Uttarakhand is a special destination, and one can easily travel through the region on a single trip. Pack your bags now. After all, you will get an exposure to the Godly Himalayan foothills here.

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