14 Top Sensational Attractions in Vancouver

Vancouver has rightfully earned a high reputation premiering among the top beautiful cities on earth with exquisite urban beaches and great mountain backdrops. Attractions in Vancouver include extensive and lush parks, dramatic headlands, and an agreeable climate for astounding outdoor activities.

Downtown Vancouver is strategically found at the Strait of Georgia peninsula, bounded to the north by Burrard Inlet, which is a deep fiord and to the south by the Fraser River delta. Found to the north of Vancouver is the Coast Mountains ranges covered in snow, offering spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks.

Vancouver is categorically a paradise for adventure seekers who fancy outdoor activities. Mild temperatures all year through make it ideal for tourists to discover diverse breathtaking itineraries. The scenic city flaunted its prowess and attractions to the world when it hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010.

Here is a chronology of the top 14 things to do and see in Vancouver:

1.    Capilano Suspension Bridge

One of the top reasons you should visit Vancouver soonest possible is this fascinating suspension bridge. Initiated in 1889, one of the first attractions in Vancouver has been sensational to visitors with a swaying bridge lurking over an extensive canyon for several years now.

The footbridge runs over a 70-meter deep canyon, making it both panoramic and frightening. The suspension bridge leads to a remarkable activity park where you will explore astonishing treetop walks and magical forest trails.

You will also discover Cliffwalk (transparent suspended platform) and totem poles at this magnificent park. You can book a ticket that covers the entrance to the enchanting bridge, thrilling Cliffwalk, and the TreeTops Adventure. There will also be a free shuttle ride to the site upon booking a ticket.

2.    Vancouver Aquarium

It is among the significant attractions in Vancouver. The aquarium pays homage to more than 50,000 perplexing creatures from the Amazon to the Arctic. Here you are sure to encounter a variety of marine life such as sharks, dolphins, and renowned shows like sea otter shows.

In fact, this is Canada’s largest aquarium with a wide array of aquatic life. Experience sloths, snakes, sea lions among other dumbfounding aquatic creatures at this global leader in education, marine research, and conservation of the blue economy and marine life. Other amazing marine creatures can also be easily discovered when you take a trip to Mauritius. If you are taken with the marine life and want to know what it is like to have your own aquarium where you are, then you may want to look at having one in your home (of course on a smaller scale) so you can experience the sea all day every day. You will need to make sure that you follow the correct rules and regulations, so checking out media reactors to keep reef aquariums clean as well as finding out the best plant life for your fish, will get you on the right track.

3.    Stanley Park

It is a famous park where you can easily hop on to the old-fashioned horse chariots and stroll the fascinating Stanley Park as you enjoy the tranquil Storytelling Adventure. The Park sits at an area of around 404 hectares and orchestrates mystical natural aura and excellent attractions.

One hour fully-narrated horse-rides are available daily on the Park where you’ll be taken around the 8.8 km seawall. It translates to a visual spa treatment with magical views and breeze from the 150,000-tree temperate rainforest. The itinerary will take you to the Park’s ravishing totem poles and a shimmering oceanfront.

4.    Grouse Mountain

Whether in summer or winter, Grouse Mountain still offers visitors an unrivaled scenic view in clear weather. However, the views are more evident in the evenings when the city comes to life. You will come across a gondola that operates here daily from the ground level to the summit.

At the summit, you can engage in diverse fun and exciting activities such as wildlife explorations and dining activities. During winter Grouse Mountain offers a ton of sporting and outdoor activities like snowshoeing, skating, snowboarding, and skiing.

The mountain also offers an enticing avenue for newbies who are just starting on skiing. It will also present the perfect family outing in Vancouver.

5.    Kitsilano Beach

Sandy shorelines of this breathtaking beach define the fun-loving and laid-back Vancouver lifestyle. Kitsilano Beach is a hangout joint where friends and families escape the world’s realities and enjoy this serene and ambient surrounding.

Visitors and locals often come here to take a dip in the heated seawater swimming pool. This extensive beach is famous for tons of sunbathers during summer. Enjoy the beautiful views of the allure sea and blue skies from Kitsilano beach Vancouver.

The area around the beach also has several walking trails and cafes where you can refresh and grab a snack as you stroll the oceanfront with your significant other or with friends. Take a walk to the dazzling Vanier Park found to the east of the beach.

Here you’ll come across the Vancouver Maritime Museum and wide-open spaces where you can capture glorious moments and experience serenity at its best.

6.    Science World

Discover the futuristic sphere-like architecture, which is an exploration center in Vancouver. It is among the top attractions in Vancouver. The grand architectural design explains various disciplines via demonstrations and 12 hands-on exhibits.

Themes applied in the science world include air, motion, water, and invention. Among the top flights here include the popular OMNIMAX screen that is five-story high. It is the largest domed screen in the world.

The architectural wonder is clearly the unforgiving waterfront landmark in the city. You can visit exhibits showcased in this marvelous building, which was initially erected for World Fair Expo 86.

7.    VanDusen Botanical Garden

VanDusen Botanical Garden is an inspiring outdoor oasis covering 55 acres with dumbfounding plant varieties and species. The garden has more than 7,500 plants to be explored and tranquil environments to relax with friends or family.

You’ll also have the opportunity to photograph local wildlife at the Park. Located right at the heart of Vancouver, the impressive botanical garden hosts a magical hedge maze and sensational picnic ideas. You could also dine at Truffles Café or the popular Shaughnessy Restaurant while at this stuttering garden.

8.    Gastown

Being the oldest part of Vancouver, Gastown orchestrates attractive galleries, restaurants, and outstanding shops set in the Victorian buildings. The district is distinctive thanks to the cobblestone streets, heritage structures, and iron lampposts.

Gastown is only a stone throw distance from Canada Place. This district came to life in 1867 when John Deighton first set foot here. Deighton always loved giving lengthy stories, and as a result, he was nicknamed “Gassy Jack.”  That is where the name “Gassy’s Town” or “Gastown” was coined.

Gassy Jack’s statue watches over the town at Maple Tree Square, and tourists love stopping by and taking photos with the town’s proprietor.

9.    Granville Island

Granville Island is another gem in the premier attractions in Vancouver. It was once an industrial island, but now the city thrives with fun and exciting activities for tourists. Granville is loved for a distinctive and tranquil atmosphere with a laid-back lifestyle.

Retailers and artists have occupied the island alongside theaters, restaurants, houseboats, and fascinating galleries. Granville Island Public Market is among the highlights of this remarkable island.

It is an essential market with several items such as seafood, vegetables and fruits, and a wide array of other ready-to-consume kinds of stuff. The island is accessible via footbridges and a road to the south. You can also get to this hub and enjoy the serene environments via the Downtown peninsula using a ferry.

10. Playland Amusement Park

Among the best things to do in Vancouver is visiting the mind-boggling amusement park in Vancouver. This Playland is part of the larger Pacific National Exhibition fairgrounds. The Park features exhilarating attractions and rides, a mini-golf, arcade, climbing wall, exciting midway games, and a variety of tasty cuisines to explore.

There are more than 35 scenic rides and attractions at Playland, including three incredible roller coasters. The fans and people’s choice, however, is the thrilling Wooden Roller Coaster. It has been operational since 1958 and is referred to as “Coaster Classic.”

This is an honor given to 22 other wooden coasters by American Coaster Enthusiasts in the world. Make sure you ride the Corkscrew roller coaster which takes thrill-adventurers upside down with an extreme swing ride Atmosfear and a double helix inversion.

Bring your friends along to discover The Beast, which is Canada’s giant pendulum ride, and enjoy the spectacular moments and aerial scenes.

11. Museum of Vancouver

Situated in Vanier Park near the Burrard Bridge is the majestic Museum of Vancouver. If you are looking for fascinating attractions in Vancouver, this is one-stop point you shouldn’t miss. The institution is devoted to covering every aspect of history on Vancouver soil.

It covers various aspects of history from the Kitsilano hippie days to the first Coast Salish communities, to the urban development history and Japantown. Other centers you can easily visit and learn more include Maritime Museum, HR MacMillan Space Center, and an observatory.

At the Maritime Museum, you can catch panoramic views of English Bay and the North shore mountains on the horizon.

12. Chinatown

With ornate Millennium gates at its entrance, Vancouver’s fascinating and exotic Chinatown orchestrates modern architecture with some old structures also taking center stage. Most of the signs here at restaurants and shops are written in Chinese more so along Keefer, East Pender, and Main streets.

These are the major shopping areas where visitors flock to purchase items. The top-flight for Chinatown is Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. It is a traditional garden made after the ancient garden during the Ming Dynasty.

It is one of its kind outside China, making its visit among the priority things to do in Vancouver. You could also stroll to the narrowest office structure in the world, which is Sam Kee Building.

13. Queen Elizabeth Park

Did you know the highest point in Vancouver is found at Queen Elizabeth Park? At the center of the Park is the Little Mountain, which is Vancouver’s highest point. Its elevation enables picturesque views of the alluring city center and the surrounding.

Queen Elizabeth Park is an outdoor paradise offering adventure seekers a wide range of fun activities. Here you can play tennis, pitch-and-putt golf, disc golf and even uncover the magnificent outdoor arboretum.

You could also escape to the tropical destination Bloedel Conservatory and enjoy the relaxing environment. Check-in at the Seasons in the Park and enjoy the mouth-watering cuisines after a long day tour in the Park.

14. Whale Watching

You do not have to travel to Thailand to see whales dive into the blue waters. Waters near Vancouver’s coastline can be ideal for the sport. The Salish Sea has several whales taking dives into the deep sea every time. The grey and humpback whales swim in these waters, making it ideal for sensational whale watching tours for tourists.

Visit Vancouver in between March and October to see these fantastic sea creatures gracefully lurk into the water. You can choose to see the whales from diverse options such as aerial views, Zodiac boats, or even larger tour boats.

Take on one of the cruise boats and enjoy engaging commentary as you capture the magical sight of the whales diving.

Final Thoughts

Among the best attractions in Vancouver encompass Chinatown, the suspension bridge, the ever-blaring Stanley Park without forgetting the Science World.

There are more things to do in Vancouver, apart from visiting these few mentioned places where you can have the time of your life. Add Vancouver to your bucket-list, and you’ll be amazed by what the city in Canada has to offer.

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