Where to Eat Good Pizza in Rome (By Locals)?

The Italians love their architecture, fashion and style. But if there is something that they love even more, it is pizza. Rome is the pizza hub of the country, serving a variety of delicious options to tourists. In fact, many restaurants all over the world are trying to create a similar Italian taste by purchasing commercial pizza ovens to cook their own homemade pizzas for customers to enjoy. However, there are some authentic pizza shops that the locals swear by.

You can read more on this website. For now, scour through our list of the best pizzerias in town. 


As the name suggests, this is a pizza lover’s paradise. What people love most about their pizzas are the crunchy crusts, that are flavorful and fragrant and give you that authentic Roman pizza feel. All the flours used in shop are stone-milled which gives them a unique taste and an old school vibe. Their doughs are perfectly hydrated and well-shaped which makes them a pleasure to devour.  Their classic tomato and oregano pizza will make you forget the best gourmet pizzas you have ever tasted. However, they also have other unique toppings like vegetables and cured meats.

La Pratolina

If you are looking for the perfect no-nonsense pizza experience, then the La Pratolina is perfect for you. It is located near the Vatican and comes with a humble, stripped-back interior and chequered tablecloths. There is nothing that you would not like here. The rustic appeal of the pizzeria coupled with the unique, old-school cooking style. The flour is locally sourced and free of OGMs which makes it perfect for everyone. Just like other awesome Roman pizzas, the crust is crunchy and the dough is generously supplied with buffalo mozzarella, parmigiano Reggiano, Alto Adige and Calabaria sausages. Interestingly, the place opens only for dinner and is always crowded by locals. If you happen to eat here, book in advance.

Piccolo Buco

Another local favorite, Piccolo Buco is located near Fontana di Trevi which makes it easy to access. You will definitely find this place during your Rome tour. The dough is slow leavened for 48 hours and stretched by hand, giving the crust the same old crunchy exterior but with a chewy and gooey interior. The crust always comes with a fat edge which means that you get the most authentic Naples pizza. Their toppings are Slow Food recognized too.

Pizzeria da Remo

If you are looking for the classic, signature Roman pizza that comes in round pies, is large and served unsliced, then you should visit Pizzeria da Remo. The pizzas are served straight out of the oven and you can expect to forget every other kind of pizza you have ever eaten once you have this. The pizzas come with molten cheese and a beautifully crispy but chewy base. You get fagioli and suppli antipasti, which are not just delicious but quite famous as well. This is not a fine dine restaurant where you expect opulent service, but the mecca of pizzas where all you get is a delicious pie with awesome toppings.

Check out these pizzas places if you really want to get the most authentic Roman pizza experience.

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