Why Are People Moving To Boise?

Boise, Idaho – It’s a lot more than potatoes, tech and a great outdoors life!

It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and the buzz is all about the way millennials are flocking to this urban center in the Pacific North-West.

The city currently attracts visitors and incomers from states as far away as Oregon, Utah, California and Washington, seeking a slice of the burgeoning economic pie and the great quality of life it offers. Even Floridians are flocking to the city (and some are using floridahomeownersolutions.com to avoid foreclosure in Florida). Aside from out-of-staters, nearly 17% of newcomers to this city are from Idaho itself.

Top magazines and journals such as Forbes, Jetsetter and Lonely Planet list the “City of Trees” as the 7th fastest growing city in the country and gives you all the conveniences of a big city with a small-town price-tag.

Boise: Quick Facts

  • Boise is the commercial, financial and cultural hub in the north Rocky Mountain region
  • It is also the most populated city in the state, with a population of 200,000+
  • The people are known for their friendly and welcoming attitude
  • There is a combined population of 600,000+ in the Boise-Nampa Metropolitan Area
  • The population density is low, with just 2.6 people/sq mile
  • The quality of life is excellent, with a significantly lower cost of living in a clean environment
  • The city is situated on the River Boise, in a broad river-valley at the foothills of the Rockies
  • It is set in a fertile agricultural region known as Treasure Valley
  • The river runs through the city and the climate is temperate and pleasant year round
  • Hot, dry summers and relatively mild winters, punctuated by warm Chinook winds are great for outdoors activities and sports

9 Great Reasons To Move To Boise, Idaho

Information about living in Boise and Idaho pros and cons could help you make the decision to move:

1. Great weather: The BestPlaces Comfort Index ranks Boise at 7.3/10 making it one of the most pleasant cities to live in, weather-wise. The best months are September, June and May, with temperatures in the 70-85 F range. Winter temperatures drop to about 22 F but are punctuated by the occasional Chinook warm winds. December sees rainfalls of up to 1.9 inches, with snow of up to 6 inches for about 5 months in winter. The four seasons are clearly demarcated, with more than 200 days of sunshine in the year. It’s a great place for persons suffering from conditions such as asthma.

2. Affordable: The cost of living in Boise is 8% lower than the national average but is on the rise. Housing is 12% lower, utilities are at 14% lower and the cost of groceries is estimated to be 10% lower than the rest of the country. However, transportation is expensive here and it averages at around 8% above the national average. However, commute times are much lower than the national average in spite of the fact that it is a car-dependent city. Healthcare is also pegged a trifle above at 3% more than the rest of the country. The average monthly rent for a family of four in the city center would range at around $1500, while average salaries are in the $4000 range.

3. Good Neighborhoods: The North End region is attractive and trendy, with older residential neighborhoods and fine dining restaurants. The East End is the most expensive with high-end homes and access to the natural beauties of Boise. The Boise Bench region is an elevated area, it is the most popular, and fastest growing. The West End comprises affordable, suburban housing with good opportunities for adventure sports such as biking, hiking, mountain trails, etc. No matter which neighborhood you are looking at moving to, you may wish to use a tool like this Free Apartment Locator Service to help you see what’s on the market and maybe even go and see a few potential options for your new home.

4. Low Crime Rate: Though the city holds 6th position in high rates of gun ownership, the crime rate in Boise is a full 10% below the national average, and the figures are 30% lower than for other cities, making it one of the safest big cities in the country. Statistics show that crime has steadily declined over the past 10 years. Just 10% of the crimes in this city can be classified as “violent.” Adults and children can enjoy walking alone in the sprawling parks and neighborhoods.

5. Natural Beauty: The City of Trees is blessed with nature’s bounty. Ringed by mountains and lush with greenery, Boise is known for its lovely parks, green open spaces and beautiful views. Winter walks and trails are made more beautiful by the scenic mountain hiking paths, while the foothills of the Rocky Mountains offer fantastic biking and walking tracks. The Boise River that flows through the city is great for fishing and water sports. The city offers an amazing blend of desert, mountain and forest scenery, hot springs, waterfalls, sand dunes and more. The city is ideal for walking, jogging, cycling etc and is dotted with well-maintained parks and botanical gardens.

6. Employment Opportunities: Employment rates have been steadily rising over the last five years and the annual rate of increase is about 19%. Professional and business services are the highest growth industry, while education and health services are the fastest growing categories. Future job growth is predicted to be above 50% in the next decade. Unemployment figures are lower than the national average. The main industries are agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, construction, advanced manufacturing, food production, etc, with good prospects for information technology, outdoor recreation and public administration.

7. Great Educational Opportunities: Some of the top-rated schools in Idaho are in Boise. The city is a popular choice for young parents to raise children, with a good variety and number of schools to choose from. The Boise School District stretches from the Southeast area near Table Rock, right up to the Northwest, near Highway 55. Some of the best elementary, junior and high school options in the state are available. There are some of the state’s best high-value, high-quality college programs available in the state, covering a range of academic and professional fields.

8. Entertainment and Culture: Far from being a dull and stodgy small town, Boise offers world-class entertainment and recreation faculties. From the local zoo to the art museum, day trips, vibrant local markets, there is plenty to see and do. The Discovery Center, Aquarium, World Center of Birds, are some of the excellent places to visit. Idaho’s major convention facility the Boise Center, Boise Trolley Tours, the lively Farmers’ Market, the Kathryn Albertson Park, fine dining at Chandler’s, the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial and the historic downtown area are worth exploring. Local games and a variety of sports for the outdoors enthusiast make Boise an exciting, year-round fun place to move to.

9. Healthy City: Boise enjoys the reputation of being one of the healthiest cities in the country. There are endless opportunities for physical activity, the famous Green Belt offers fresh, clean air and to let you in on a secret, Boise has more gyms per capita than any other city, suited to every kind of lifestyle. It’s hard to beat Boise for a perennial supply of fresh, organic food that includes local fruits and vegetables, honey, rich milk, grass-fed meats, fresh herbs, locally-baked breads and bakes, besides international cuisines.

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