Why the world needs to switch to Paper Mailing Bags in 2021

The last year saw tremendous growth in the number of people shopping online and this is not only bad news for the high street, but it could also be potentially damaging to the environment as well.

With more products being delivered to home addresses there has been an increase in the number of plastic mailing bags being used to deliver goods. These bags are notoriously difficult to recycle and can clog up waterways and oceans posing a threat to marine life.

So, what is the solution to the problem? Potentially the humble paper mailing bag. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Paper mailing bags offer strength and recyclability

Strength is one of the most important areas you will consider when it comes to paper packaging. Often paper mailing bags are labelled as weak compared to plastic, however new manufacturing methods mean their strength is increasing which is making them a much more attractive option.

Paper mailing bags are also easy to recycle, simply include them in your standard paper recycling! Remember it is always better to reuse, so if you have any deliveries to send do try to repurpose your old mailing bags.

  • Plastic mailing bags are almost always thrown away

The throw-away culture that a lot of us are currently participating in is not good news for the environment, and whilst paper mailing bags are intended as single-use, they can be recycled. Their stiffness also means they can be repurposed for other parcels you are sending, and they are far more durable than their plastic counterparts.

  • Paper mailing bags are good value for money

Value for money can be hard to come by when it comes to eco-friendly packaging, but paper mailing bags offer just that. These products are affordable when ordered in bulk and are a very sustainable way of delivering products to customers.

Paper mailing bags come in a variety of different types ranging from wholesale, to printed to even grass-based mailing bags. Manufacturers that offer this choice make it easy for you to pick the right product for your needs and mix and match if you have to!

Where can you find good paper mailing bags?

Whilst plastic packaging has been the dominant type for years, eco-friendly manufacturers like Paper Bag Co are now offering paper mailing bags at an affordable price.

Making the switch to paper-based mailing bags will certainly increase your sustainability in 2021 and your customers will thank you when they have packaging that they do not have to feel so guilty about!

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