Why Travellers Find It Easier to Share Their Bad Experiences Than the Good Ones

Any travel agent can testify that the majority of travellers are quick to narrate how things didn’t go as they wished or plan than sharing their beautiful experiences. It is no strange phenomenon given that seven out of ten of us will keep bad memories with us than the good ones. One New York Times report says that we exact more thoughtfulness and information processing on negative memories than positive ones; hence, they seem harder to forget.

When you read travel reviews from agencies or websites, you should not be surprised if you find a couple of negative testimonies. Some of them may be real, in that the travel agents failed to meet the minimum standard, but some may just be exaggerated. But if you are a travel agent, you should check some of the reasons people tend to voice out their dissatisfactions during their travels so you can adjust.

1. You Promised Them Something Great

Disappointments set in when one’s reality fails to meet one’s expectations. As such, while you were trying to get them to register with you, didn’t you tell them their flight and itinerary will be next to perfection? If you did and you fail to fulfill your promise, you should not get angry if they, in turn, go online to drop you negative feedback. However, if the customers left negative reviews maybe because they weren’t satisfied with your product or services due to a reason you have no control over, then take every measure possible to remove those unwelcoming comments. In this regard, a site similar to https://www.netreputation.com/negative-review-online/ could prove to be immensely helpful. By taking the appropriate steps to remove such reviews, you can ensure that your reputation remains intact. Furthermore, you can also take proactive measures to prevent such issues from occurring again in the future.

2. They Spent A Great Deal of Money

Everyone wants to be sure they have not wasted their hard-earned money. It sulks big time to save up for a journey and end up getting far less than the money you spent. Most travellers would not mind writing a negative comment when they feel cheated or inappropriately treated. But when customers derive great satisfaction from their expenses, they tend to forget how much the services have cost them.

3. To Show You How it Feels

Reviews can be a customer’s means of getting back at their clients. Some also consider it as a means of rewarding them, too. While someone may take a long time to write a positive feedback, the pain and loss that they have suffered coupled with a vengeful attitude may make them hastily drop their bad experiences to discredit their travel agents.

4. A Potential Source of Fame

Comparatively, bad news travels faster than good ones. And it’s hard to spread a piece of news and leave the source. As people read comments and feedback of reviewers, the writers also win some sympathy to themselves, and may thus become popular through it.

Final Wrap

Since reviews hold such a great prospect to any service provider, especially travel agents, owners of companies must find a means to meet their customer’s expectations. A good way to collect reviews is to use customer feedback software similar to Qualtrics. Using customer feedback software like this allows you to create surveys, satisfaction forms and polls, making it simple and easy to see what your customers thought about their experience. You can curate the questions they respond to, meaning you’ll get the feedback that you really need to help you improve your service in the future..

Also, communication is necessary. Where you foresee a hiccup, keep your customers informed and apologize for it. Most negative experiences on review websites are because owners business fail to communicate what is going on to their customers effectively.

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