Why We Love Neutral Flooring

Minimalistic decors are definitely all the rage right now. Modern life is busy and stressful and the last thing we want is to be surrounded by a busy and stressful interior. Decors these days are mostly inspired by Scandinavian design and clean-cut looks with a twist of rustic – lovely! Since flooring is a big feature of our interior and expensive and disruptive to change, it makes sense to have a look at some of the neutral flooring options first! Some think that neutral colours are boring and lack character, but this simply isn’t the case! They go with everything and it gives you the freedom to decorate and populate your interior with any theme you want. So, what are the best neutral floors?


We love grey and it looks like most of the world does too! You can get away with grey in nearly any décor theme, from classical to contemporary and everything in between. It is a truly timeless colour and comes in so many shades that you can really customise it to your heart’s content. Light grey offers a calm, fresh and expensive feel whereas dark grey really sets off an interior and is very glamourous. Go for grey wood, laminate, stone or vinyl, it will work wonders!


Although we usually think cream is a colour for walls and ceilings, it can actually look pretty cool on our floors. This is because it is known to add a touch of sophistication to your home, as well as a calming and minimal look. Coming in a range of styles, it won’t look out of place anywhere. There’s nothing better than a gorgeous cream carpet so take a look at these best carpet brands and see which would be best for your room.

White washed Wood

Ahhh, an old favourite. Whitewashed wood is truly beautiful, complementing nearly every room and opens up your space making it appear bigger (most of us could do with that) creating a calming and stylish room. It offers a rustic and shabby chic appearance, very popular with a lot of people. As well as this, it doesn’t matter if it does get scratched or discolours, this will only add to its charm and save you some maintenance worries too! If you’re not keen on splashing out on solid wood, then or a creamy colour engineered wood. is a good bet or even laminate and vinyl replicas.

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