Why You Need to Travel to Cape Town?

If you are a traveler and looking for a unique multi-cultural and diverse experience, then you should definitely visit Cape Town. This South African city is full of mesmerizing places, awesome people, and amazing food that you would want to relish for a lifetime. Book one of the cheap flights to Cape Town and enjoy going to one of the places listed below.

Table Mountain

The 600 million years old Table Mountain is the definition of adventure and closeness with nature. The area is surrounded by a mind-boggling diversity of flora. Table Mountain National Park is a place that never disappoints and has even been counted as the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Included in the National Park is a 77.5 square kilometer stretch known as Cape of Good Hope. It is one of the best beaches for birdwatching and taking awe-inspiring walks. Avid birdwatchers and ornithologists perch out on these shores with powerful Binoculars in order to spot some rare birds. Though it is more commonly known as Cape Point, the region is often deserted and is a perfect spot for those who just want to hang out, walk, watch birds, and maybe just bask in the sun.

District Six Museum

When you get a break from exploring the natural treasures of Cape Town, come to the District Six Museum to get a primer on apartheid in the region. The museum is erected at an area that was the home to over 60,000 multiracial people in the 60s and 70s. However, it was destroyed and the inhabitants were forced out of the region. The museum has now been erected to recreate the look and appeal of the era and comes with a variety of testimonials, recordings and photographs about the struggles of a community that had to lose their homes.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Do you love nature? If yes, then the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is the place where you should be. The 5.28 square kilometer area is one of the beautiful botanical gardens in the world which comes with its own conservatory, souvenir shop, and an information center of the tourists. The over 100-year old garden also features Boomslang, a Tree Canopy Walkway that rises above the trees in the region and provides the most spectacular views of the region.

Robben Island

This island has a very interesting history. It was primarily used as a prison by the Dutch East India Company till 1996. It became home to the likes of Nelson Mandela while they were incarcerated. The only way to go to this UNESCO World Heritage site is to take a four-hour tour. Since it is so deeply connected with Cape Town’s history and its march against discriminations, these tours can get sold out very quickly. So, make sure that you book in advance.

Kalk Bay

The False Bay fishing village is a sight for sore eyes. This region provides you with arts and crafts shops and sells you a variety of antiques. You also get a number of cafes and restaurants here which could make for an awesome and relaxed evening.

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