Why You Need to Visit Alaska

Alaska is located in the extreme northwest of the North American continent. The 180th meridian passes through the state’s Aleutian Islands; this is located in the Eastern hemisphere. Thus, if we try to understand technically Alaska then it lies in both hemispheres.

Alaska is among the seventh largest subnational divisions in the world and it is surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean towards the north. Alaska means mainland or great land; it is true to its name with it being enormous. Alaska has become a major attraction among the tourists across the globe. The breath-taking nature of Alaska is the main attraction; the ice-clad mountains are a once in a lifetime experience.

Why you need to visit Alaska

All of us have become so busy that we need a break from our regular schedule. The best idea is to visit the lovely nature trails in Alaska.

Alaska is most popular between May to September; the tourists come to see the enchanting snow-capped mountain peaks and seaside harbours. Those who do not have a chance to visit in September can try to visit Alaska in October; one can enjoy the chilling winters and explore the great landscapes.

If you are researching Alaska holidays and are planning a trip to the state in the future, there are some places you should mark down as a must-visit. Here are some places that should be on your Alaskan bucket-list.


Anchorage is not the capital city of Alaska, but is one of the largest cities in Alaska. More than half of the population of Alaska resides in Anchorage. They stay in and around this city; thus it serves as the economic hub of Alaska. Anchorage is just a drive of 30 minutes from wilderness so you can enjoy nature as well as the best bits of a city. The first thing to visit in Anchorage is the museum of history and art. There is a conservation centre and an Alaska native heritage centre located in Anchorage which is a must-visit place for the tourists. Those who are fond of bird watching can straight away drive down to the Seward Highway to Potter’s Marsh and watch incredible birds coming to Alaska.


Ketchikan is the southernmost city located in Alaska; the breath-taking scenic beauty makes it the first stop for many cruise ships which head towards the north along the coast. Ketchikan is located at the foot of Deer Mountain; making it home to exotic flora and fauna. The Totem heritage centre and Tongass Historical Museum are the major attractions.

Denali National Park

Alaska is famous for national parks; you can find a wide variety of rare species of wildlife calling the areas their home. The Denali National park is the famous home to the towering Mount McKinley; this is the highest mountain in Alaska. You can spot wolves, bears and moose while you walk across the Savage River. Those who are fond of river rafting and hiking, then Denali National park is the right place for them. There are short and long educational walks arranged by the centres in Alaska in order to help the tourists understand the wilderness in Denali.

Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park is located towards the south-western region of Alaska. This national park is considered to be a scenic beauty as they are close to the Homer and Kodiak Islands. The Ten Thousand Smokes and enormous Ash flow that is remaining after the volcanic eruption of Novarupta are a must-see. You are highly likely to see Grizzly Bears here as there is a thriving salmon population.

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