Why You Should Move to Canada

More people than ever have been moving to Canada – the latest statistics show that over the period from July 1, 2018, to July 1, 2019, the country admitted 313,580 immigrants, one of the highest levels in its history. 

Whether you’re considering a purchase among real estate in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, or another Canadian city, here’s why you should make the move too. 

Beautiful and Diverse Scenery

The world’s second-largest country, Canada covers nearly 3.9 million square miles. The landscapes include everything from a rugged coastline with secluded beaches and sweeping grasslands to soaring mountains that provide some of the best skiing (and hiking) on the planet. The opportunities for recreational activities are practically endless. Whether you want to live in an unspoiled wilderness area with outdoor adventures just steps from your door, or in the heart of a city and enjoy day trips, you’ve got plenty of options for enjoying the stunning scenery here.

It’s Safe

Canada is one of the world’s safest places to live, with a low crime rate, including violent crime that’s extremely rare. The 2019 Global Peace Index ranked it the 6th safest country while the United States came in at 128.

It’s Immigrant Friendly

Canada has more than 70 different visa options to help immigrants make the move across its provinces and territories. For example, Newfoundland and Labrador offer the Express Entry Skilled Worker Category as a path to permanent residence, while Manitoba’s Business Investor Stream invites qualified business investors and entrepreneurs to start or purchase businesses in the province. In Ontario, the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream gives foreign workers with the necessary education, skilled work experience, and language abilities the opportunity to apply to permanently live and work there.

Universal Healthcare

Most medical treatment is free or very low-cost as Canada offers universal healthcare, administered locally with all eligible residents given a health card that provides access. After arriving into the country as a permanent resident, it takes approximately three months to get the health card. Once you have it, it will prove you’re a member of the community, giving you access to all the medical benefits as a resident. Some provinces offer free or subsidized eye care and dental coverage as well. You want to know the situation before you walk into the office of your Calgary optometrist. Be sure to check the rules for the province you are moving to! 

The Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities are numerous, particularly in cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Canada has one of the world’s largest and most stable economies with a highly developed manufacturing industry, along with jobs like mining, logging, and fishing. The oil and gas industry, iron core, copper, gold, and uranium all contribute significantly to Canada’s impressive GDP. Technology and aerospace development are among its growing industries.


There is more spent per capita on education by the Canadian government than in any other country, resulting in students who perform well and a greater number obtaining a higher education too. If you want to start a business with access to highly educated employees, or you want to further your own education, Canada is a great place to be. Those who plan to complete studies at a Canadian university can also take advantage of the opportunity to apply for a post-graduation work permit which can be the key to successfully applying for permanent residency through multiple programs.

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