Work & Travel – How to find the right balance – Become a Digital Nomad

Are you looking to travel around the world and start working remotely? Well… Digital nomad world is the perfect place to start your adventure. From the infographic you are able to see the type of courses and remote jobs that are available to you. Develop your skills in search engine optimisation, software developing, graphic designing, being a virtual assistant or being part of a customer service team. There are a variety of courses being offered so come and have a look.

The movement is on the rise with becoming a digital nomad, it is becoming very popular, research shows that 74% of workers said they would quit their current job to become a digital nomad and work for a company remotely.

What are the benefits of becoming a digital nomad? You can be flexible with your work and manage your own working hours. You can work from wherever you feel more productive and outside your working hours you can enjoy a sense of freedom and adventure out to fulfil your day. 

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