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Hands down, a website cannot succeed without the support of its readers, and anybody who visits the website makes us more committed towards our cause.  We understand the importance of connecting and communicating with our readers; hence, we have come up with various methods to reach out to our audience. 

These channels are not only easy to use but are also quite handy when it comes to presenting multiple points of view. Therefore, we encourage everyone to not just connect with us but also write guest posts for us.

Examples of Topics for Guest Posts:

  1. Hotel Reviews
  2. Airline Reviews
  3. Holiday Activities
  4. Travelling the World/Backpacking Holidays
  5. Destination Guides
  6. Food & Drinks Guides
  7. Nightlife Guides
  8. Packing Guides
  9. Budgeting Tips
  10. Family Holiday Guides

Requirements For Guest Posts:

  • Written in English
  • Minimum of 500 words
  • No plagiarised articles – these will be checked.

We have made sure that we connect with each reader and understand their psyche to write better blogs. We would be happy if you can come up with new thoughts and suggestions for the betterment of this website.

As is obvious with most websites, we too didn’t have many readers in the beginning. We didn’t even have a good plan on how to connect with our readers better and involve them in the process of participating with the website’s content. It was one of our biggest mistakes as people never related to anything we posted. But, with time, we discovered the right solution and deliberately opened new channels of communication.

Even though maintenance of new pages without proper traffic was disheartening, yet we remained consistent with our efforts. Our persistence led to success, and new people started connecting with us while sharing our content online. Since then, we have maintained great relations with our readers and hope to come in contact with new people to create a better and more appealing website.

Let’s focus on the channels of communication on the website.

Direct Message

The “connect with us” page has been designed to promote instant communication.  The page provides you the chance to send us a direct message without any third-party involvement. You can register as a new reader or can even send a message as an anonymous person. Thus, you are able to communicate with us easily as the website welcomes messages 24×7.  The page is handled by a dedicated team of travelers who know the ins and outs of our industry. They can help in solving your issues and also guide you for new journeys. 

Some of these admins were our readers who joined the team to provide services in our mission to rejuvenate the traveling culture. To work with us, just add “Writer” to the subject line, and we will quickly get in touch with you.

The direct messages are highly classified, so you do not have to worry about privacy.

A direct message is the easiest way to connect with us in comparison to other channels. However, it has its own limitations about which you will learn in the upcoming points.

Through email

Emails are professional and a thoughtful method of connecting with us. The platform can be best used to talk about serious issues that should be handled by my wife and me.  We make sure that we read and respond to every genuine email as we are open to new commercial opportunities. Plus, we also talk with readers who are not comfortable with direct messages or want to keep a record of the conversation.

We suggest that everyone willing to write for us must prefer emails over DMs as they provide us a chance to understand you more closely. We also welcome constructive criticism- Afterall, this website is nothing without its users.

Remember, we have very strict policies about the usage of our website and do not entertain people who want us to promote their products for money. We only promote products that we have tested and tried and found to be genuinely useful for our users. Therefore, if you want to send us emails about promotions, please stop right now.

Other channels

You can also get replies by commenting on the blogs and following us on all the social media platforms.  There you will be meeting like-minded people who can help you become a better traveler. By commenting, you would be voicing thoughts of many people reading the blogs.

The best part about being a traveler is making new friends and learning by the experience of others. So happy surfing this website.