You Will Fall in Love with The UK Once You Visit These Locations

With its rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty, the UK has been the most loved tourist attraction in Europe. Not only you will experience the epitome of natural beauty but also realize the architectural prowess of our ancestors. Let us learn about the best destinations to visit in the UK.


A trip to the UK must start with London- one of the most visited cultural hubs of our world. The city has numerous attractions to make you feel enthralled to the core. You will witness an amazing combination of the old and modern times with a taste of royalty in everything.

You must visit the Tower of London, River Thames, and the Tower Bridge, Changing of the Guards ceremony, Big Ben and the Parliament buildings. Apart from these grand destinations, the city also offers mouth-watering food, great nightlife, and impressive hospitality.


Scotland’s capital is well known for its historical buildings and as the home of the magnificent Edinburgh Castle. When in this city you cannot forget to witness the One O’Clock Salute, the Scottish Crown Jewels in the Royal Palace, Stone of Destiny and the National War Memorial.

Plus, the city is full of culturally rich destinations like the Old Town’s Royal Mile with its boutique shops, restaurants, cafes, and architecture and art galleries. For shopping and dining, you can visit Princes Street and other attractions like the National Gallery of Scotland and Royal Botanical Garden.


Being the oldest World Heritage Site, Stonehenge has supported pilgrimage for the last 4,500 years. In older days, it was known as a place of worship, but nowadays the site has been home to tourism and the showcase of human might.

The area covers more than 20 square km of land with a visitor center that informs about the ins and outs of Stonehenge’s construction.

You can also pay a visit to Salisbury, a nearby medieval city, to attend a cathedral made in 1220 and also an original Magna Carta.

The University Towns of Cambridge & Oxford

Also known as the center of superior learning, UK’s university towns are one of its most visited tourist destinations.

Both Oxford and Cambridge have competed for centuries to become the country’s top educational establishment. You can experience the heights of this rivalry in the Boat race held on the River Thames.

These universities have various attractions that are enjoyed by tourists every day. When in Cambridge you can go through the largest collection of historic buildings in the UK. You can also explore the old town center and take a tour of the stunning college grounds.

Likewise, Oxford offers spell bounding chapels, libraries, dining halls, and student accommodations in the inner courtyards. Furthermore, you must see the Carfax Tower and historic architecture on the High Street.


There are numerous other destinations capable of capturing your most dramatic imagination. Make sure that you prepare an itinerary before leaving for the UK after booking tickets of your preferred destinations.

It’s time to enjoy a cup of tea in the English style.

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